"The Natural" (Part 2)  

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"The Natural" (Part 2)

Where were we ... aaahhhh, yes: still in the bedroom, but I have to digress for a moment. One of the things that came out of discussing the details of “Oh My Goddess” was purchasing two massagers: one for me and one as a birthday gift for Mel. Talk about your gifts that keep on giving! Even as an instrument of masturbation, it was unrivalled.

And through the increasingly provocative conversations between us over the past few weeks, we’d discovered a great deal about our known likes and dislikes. There was the discussion on “size” ‒ me being in the “yes it matters, but there are ways around it” category and her being in the “more than average goes to waste on me anyway” category. Then, of course, there is the question of “to kiss, or not to kiss…” I often feel smothered by too much kissing, she loves it. She likes a great deal of foreplay; I like to get down to business. As we progressed, however, these and many other self-perceptions would be challenged and debunked.

One of the things I was quite anxious to try was the technique that sent me to the far reaches of the galaxy during the “Goddess” encounter. This required a dong and the massager. Of course, I had to warm her back up a bit. Did I lick her at all that time? We got each other off so many times the individual occurrences kind of run together now. I think I was rubbing and putting my fingers up into her at first. I do recall how much I loved feeling her walls grab at them as I reached in with the other hand to finger her clit. And did I like talkin’ to her about it. “Oh yea, grab me with that pussy.” Moreover, between the two of us, there was pussy juice on EVERYTHING!

The massager makes such wonderful sounds when that clit is good and juicy and I was able to slip that jelly-dong in without too much resistance. I started slow, more like a vaginal massage than fucking and I felt what she meant about the distance it would travel into her comfortably. What I also felt as the vibrations traveled through the dong was her contractions against it. Mel was very vocal and affirming when I got something right. “Oh yea,” she’d shudder, “that feels soooo good.” Her natural lubrication was flowing out of her in buckets and that splattering sound was making us both hot when I decided to see what else may feel good. I started wiggling the jelly dong faster and faster in and out of her canal, moving to a new spot on her clit with the massager to gauge the reaction. Her pussy clenched and shoved so hard against it I had to use all my strength to keep it inside her. She let out a sound that made me ask quickly without missing too many beats, “too much?” “Uh uh,” she eked out between breaths so I kept it going ‒ faster, faster ‒ her groans were becoming louder, less controlled. I’m talking to her: “Cum for me, Melanie. Give it to me girl! Let me have it now.” She was taking the dong deeper and deeper as I kept that wrist moving fast and furious when I flipped the massager on high. “Oh yea, here she goes!” You know the sound ‒ the one where you’re afraid people will think you’re giving birth in the apartment ‒ yea, that one ‒ and it was all mine.

It was back and forth all night: dongs, fingers, tongues, combinations thereof, and intermingled amongst it all was our usual light-hearted conversation and frivolity. The only difference was we had our hands all over each other while we did it -- chatting about any number of innocuous topics all the while fingering each others nipples or stroking some other bare part of each other’s bodies. There was plenty of head-shaking, too. Neither of us could believe what was happening and we were both down-right flummoxed over our success. It just seemed like everything worked. She even got cascading, multiple orgasms out of me ‒ the first night! And it wasn’t like I was “trying” ‒ I didn’t have a choice!

It was when she took the dong and massager to my cunt that she got me. I had figured out on my own how to make myself squirt only recently, which was a revelation in and of itself. But I rarely got more than one big squirt and it took me forever. In a matter of moments, I was cumming so hard my juices formed a river from my cunt to my ass, and she loved it. “Oh yea!” I heard her exclaim every time I felt my vagina switch directions and send another gush against the dong she was shoving into it. The sounds I was making had gone beyond loud and I was cursing a blue streak. I was out of control and again feeling that surrender I learned I liked with my Goddess. I was at Mel’s mercy and she was showing me none. That’s when I heard that familiar sound of ejaculate against the ball of the massager and she confirmed, “Whooaaa!” And again, and again… I was cumming from everywhere and couldn’t stop. My loud cursing had become low guttural grunts and I was close to tears. There was no doubt that knowing it was her doing this to me multiplied the response to physical stimulation and I couldn’t wait to reward her with hugs and kisses when she finally decided to let me down.

We cuddled and caressed each other for some time as I rode the waves of aftershocks; feeling my body jerk and my pussy shoot out another trickle of cum between my legs.

The greatest revelation was that despite what side of the orgasm we were on, there was satisfaction. There’s something about eliciting those sex-sounds out of another woman that just got us both somewhere deep inside and, ultimately, escalated the level of pleasure.

It was late… very late and John would be arriving early in the morning.

…to be continued

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