It could be worse...  

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8/16/2006 7:54 am

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It could be worse...

"It could be worse - you coulda done all that without pants, ya know?"

Do you ever get tired of hearing the complaining? The whining? The doomsayers?

Life really is good, ya know?

I have several friends I chat with online during the day on Yahoo. They are mostly all fun to talk with, positive, upbeat folks. Sure we all have our ups and down, and I think that any one of them will tell you I am always there with an encouraging word or four during those times. On the flipside, if I've got something troubling me (rarely, but it happens ), then my friends are always there to pick me up just the same.

Then there's the occasional person I talk with who is just a sourpuss 24/7 - believe me, I do not surround myself with these types of people. I still try and offer an encouraging word - but it gets tiresome when each and every sentence I type is another "well, it could be worse" type of statement in response to their comeback to my previous "it could be worse" statement in response to their previous comeback... ugh!

Life is too short to not choose to be happy at least 99% of the time, people!

This isn't a rant - in fact it was going to go in a whole other direction when I started it - that'll be my next post, I suppose. Once I started typing this one, Frankie and Cha Cha took over on me and finished it up - they are the "happy-side" influences up in my head usually - but they get tired of the crap sometimes and want to remind us that...

"It could be worse - you may have not been talking to Stevariffic today, ya know?"

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