A Very Romantic First Meeting  

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10/3/2005 6:56 am

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A Very Romantic First Meeting

We met on another adult site where males and females place adds to meet members of the opposite sex. They do this for various reasons. Some want to meet only via the internet with no person to person contact. Others are looking to add some extra spice to their otherwise boring sex lives. Some are being ignored by their spouse and just want the attention they feel they deserve and feel since they are not getting it at home, go else where. The reason differ, however many share one common interest, they do not want to disturb what they already have so many are discreet affairs.

I began talking to my other half one day and we immediately hit it off. We shared so much in common you would think it was scripted. We were so wrapped up in one another's e-mails and chats, we never sent one another a picture. There was a point where it didn't matter, we fell for one another's personality. About a few weeks after we began chatting, we decided to meet out by where she lives. It was some distance away so it would be a later dinner after we both got off from work. She gives me directions to the restaurant and the vehicle she would be driving.

Driving to the location I had butterflies in my stomach. What a nice feeling to have them again. As the distance got closer and closer I thought the butterflies were giving berth since it felt like there were more and more in my stomach. I finally arrived at the restaurant and observe her car parked in the rear of the lot. I pull up along side of her, but could not see her that well. I did notice a wave of acknowledgement that I have arrived. After a few seconds we exit the vehicles. At first glance I thought this could not be her, how could I be so lucky. I saw a warm smiling face, bright beautiful eyes looking at me. Oh yeah I forgot to mention she was wearing a very low cut red blouse revealing a rack that almost knocked me over. Hum, wonder why she had worn that. Anyway, we greeted each other with a hello and a hug and I gave her a single rose, not red, pink.

We enter the restaurant and conversation went as well as usual. Chatted about many things, the good, the bad and the ugly in our personal lives. We made so much eye contact with one another. She mentioned that my eyes are a beautiful blue she could look into them for hours. During dinner she reaches into her bag and gives me a little box containing a birthday gift. It was a week before our meeting so she noted it a belated gift. I was amazed she would do that. I open it to find a tie pin. She recalls I wear ties on a regular basis at work. As dinner continues I cannot help but notice over and over again how low her blouse was and wouldn't you know it, I ordered the full rack of ribs. Anyway, since this was our first meeting I did not want her to catch me staring at her 40D chest with just a hint of a red lace bra showing, but I continued to time my looks to when she was eating. After continued great conversation and dessert it was time to leave the restaurant.

We begin to walk to the vehicles. I ask if she was in a rush to go home and she said no. I then asked if she would like to sit in my car for awhile and she said yes. In the car I asked if I could kiss her and she said yes. The first kiss could not have been more perfect. Our mouth seemed to fit perfect against one another. The tongue action was just right, not to much, not to little. After the kiss we began a more sensual conversation. The likes and dislikes each of us had for certain things during sex. We began to kiss again this time my hands began to roam to the area I was staring at all night. As my hand cupped her breast I felt a very hard nipple through her garments. I began to focus my fingers to that area. As I pinched her nipple she jumped. At first I though I might have pinched to hard and said I was sorry. She said no they are just very sensitive. I knew there were sensitive, but wow. As the windows started to steam up the kissing intensified and the breathing got deeper and deeper. I reach behind and undo her bra strap. My hands roam every inch of her breasts focusing on her nipples. She begins to rub her thighs together and gently moans with passion. Much to my surprise, within moments she reaches her first organism. She asked me to stop for a minute as she catches her breath. She laughs as I tell her that never happened to me before. The woman I have dated never had such sensitive nipples.

We begin to kiss again with the same passion as we left off. Her hands begin to roam my body. She reaches down between my legs and feels an erect penis through my pants. With the placement of her hands on my bulge she moans with excitement. She begins to unbuckle my pants and reaches inside under my briefs. As she wraps her hand around my cock she notices a wetness and replies oooooo is that for me as she removes her hand and lick the juices. She returns her hand to the place it belongs and begins to stroke my very happy staff rubbing my balls with her freshly manicured nails. My hands roam as well into her pants and under her panties to fine a cleanly shaved pubic area and a very moist pussy. I fondle the top portion of her clit and she lets me know that is her pleasure spot. She spreads her legs wide open as I remove her hand from my crotch. I lean over and place my head on her lap and begin giving her oral pleasure. Tasting her juices with my tongue as my fingers enter her clit. She leans back in her seat and begins opening and closing her legs. She begins moving her body in a fucking motion on my tongue. She grabs my head and pushed it into her crotch forcing my tongue deeper into her. Her moans grow more intense as she has organisms one after another. Finally she grabs my hair and proclaims enough with a smile and grim. With my face damp with her pussy juice we kiss. She begins to suck on my cheeks and chin. She remarks to me that she loves the taste of herself. After she cleans up my face, she leans over and begins giving me head while using her finger nails to drive me crazy with light strokes of my balls. She removes her mouth from my dick and with it soaked from her saliva, starts to stroke it slow at first then picking up the pace. I lean back in the seat and observe the widows are steamed from the passion contained within. I heard the people passing the car in idle chat, not knowing what was happening inside. With every stroke I could feel my flow building up inside me. Her soft voice uttering words of wanting to see me explode. I grab her hand and gently guide her up and down my cock. Every so often she leaned over to suck it and give it more lube. Within moments I let her know that I was about to cum. She said she wanted to see it and feel it. With that said, I grab her hand with mine and squeezed as my ejaculation hit. Squirt after squirt enters into our hands as I tremble with pleasure. She grabs a towel from the rear seat and cleans her hands and mine. She folds the towel in half and wipes the remaining cum off my dick. She then leaned over and gave it a few more licks with her tongue. After sometime of reflecting of the events that just happened we got dressed and waited for the windows to un-fog. We said our good-byes for about an hour and made plans to meet the next weekend. That is a whole another bog. I watch her get into her car and drive off.

Unlike many stories and fantasies, this one is true. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoy sharing it with you.

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