Four Moons  

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Four Moons

(From the diary of Anara Trenali)

+++"It is my fourth day on Earth and my eyes have not yet adjusted to sunlight, or the full heat of day; so I spend most of my time exploring the night time behavior of these people. They are truly different from us in so many ways. First of all the consume many times their requirement of calories, and have little or no regard for water. They are not concerned about recycling any of the things they use in daily life, and appear to run about their lives in a most haphazard wasteful way. It is easy to fit in though, one need merely "tag-a-long" and listen. What we consider talkative they consider quite reserved and that is o.k. with them - as they are content to fill the balance of social time with easy non-important and usually un-researched chatter. Still they are quite happy on the surface, and though they all seem to share ideas of community they go about blissfully unaware of how isolated they live their lives. They seem too busy to really get to know each other. That seems to be the biggest downfall of having such abundant resources available. I am far from complaining about the privacy though some of their ways can be quite inconsiderate to our way of living and after so many hours among them it is nice (if not a bit lonely) to retreat from them.
++++One thing I have not written about these last three days are the beautiful moonsets. The moon has been setting about one hour before the sunrise right now, and even understanding the exact mechanisms by which the moon takes its path through the enormous sky it still holds immense wonder and beauty to me. Every night I ride my motorcycle out to a place where I look out from a hillside over the vast ocean, and watch the moon disappear behind the horizon. Even seeing a horizon is amazing, but having the moon there gives the whole scene a perspective that makes it feel like a gigantic view from Council Garden 5 as we passed Saturn. The sky itself looks like above the Ring of Stones, yet without the Great Dome there as if one is staring directly into space (though without as many stars).
++++I guess the reason I feel so connected with space tonight as I write this is that I am homesick. I know that somewhere up there home is orbiting, and I miss the civility of it. A man became rudely physical with me while I was out with some friends at a dance club (they dance very much like we do for Rom-Con-ahda to Neo-Eutharin music (they call it "Dance" music although. Like us it appears that there are many of other types of music that they dance to, but they do not reserve different types for certain cultural occasions, rather they identify themselves socially with particular types of dancing). Anyway I was able to subdue his advances by applying some of the basic moves we learned playing as kids, and did not even have to injure him or draw attention to us to get him to withdraw. In fact, he left the club entirely. I would have like to have interviewed him to understand his motivations and thought processes better, for our studies, but his retreat was to hasty to afford me a socially acceptable way to excuse myself from new friends down here. So I let him go. I am sure I will get other chances, judging by the overt way the men down here make their intentions known (and it seems they constantly have intentions...). They are not discreet in their mannerisms at all, even the ones who "play it cool" are easy to read by our standards, probably because of their ill developed sense of time and timing. It's amazing that with so much resource that they have not managed to obtain any real level of peace within themselves. I'll admit that I very much love the bustle sometimes, but I am young and given to that sort of thing. Why else would we send our young to Non-orbital 9?
++++There I am reminiscing about home again. It will be fun to start class next year. I am sure to bring something as a teacher that none of us have been able to give our children in many generations... a truly alien perspective.
Time to breathe. "

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Just breathe, darlin'... *HUG*

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

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Well, I guess, its really just me trying to write sci-fi.

If it seems like it has deeper meaning that was not my intention. It is just a story about a lady from another world whose colony visits earth.

I think Ill continue the storie about 35 days later. Anara has met a guy.
He has introduced her to sun screen, shades, and the joys of daytime living........

(This gets tense..... just breathe)

stay tuned......


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From the journals of Professor Anara Davog - Chief Director of Earth Operations Field Operative's Division)

" The Earthlings continue their daily lives totally unaware of our presence. Although there are well over a thousand of us down here right now, the assistance we gain from Var (and her race?) more than aid us in avoiding detection. (They?) have been instrumental in allowing us to approach and orbit this planet without detection. Even though our technology would allow us some chance of concealment, there is no way all twelve hundred of our ships would have been able to maintain perfect secrecy without the aid of the race we know only as Var's race, or the Varians. Having never met any of their kind - we have only her word that their are any others at all. Yet I feel no reason to distrust her. There is however the matter of her interest in us or the Earthlings at all. She is obviously far more evolved than us, and her technology (if indeed she is employing any) seems only an extension of the being in the form she chooses to appear to us in at any particular moment. We also know (because she allows us to) that when she effects a change in this universe, it is both retro-active and continues to remain changed into the future. People who see her perceive her differently even though she may be appearing to them at the same time. Sometimes people will remember her quite different in appearance than they described her at the time. It is this and other qualities about her that make me uneasy, especially in that we are introducing her into a population of a world other than our own. She obviously has the power to travel any distance instantaneously and to move any mass with her as she goes, thus our arrival thousands of years ahead of schedule at this curious blue planet. It troubles me that I feel at ease with her at all, I wonder if she is manipulating my feelings about her, which I am sure is as easy to her as manipulating our memories and perceptions. There is no point to worry I guess, to a creature this powerful we are all like tadpoles in a drying pond. I have seen the future she is trying to save us from. I agree that if, as she claims, that is the future she is trying to save us from, than she is truly a saint, or an angel.
++++ On to more practical matters....
Several of the field agents are reporting difficulty with stress related to extended stays in the various cultures down here despite being acclimated in Var's "learn all" chamber. There is more to a culture than the language and etiquette of a people, and there are unbelievable stresses on some of the agents to accept the horrible behavior of their host earthlings in order to remain in place as field operatives. Though none have cracked and blown their cover I am sure it is a matter of time before one or a few do. Other agents find it quite enjoyable to be among the Earthlings, like my niece for instance. Anara Trenali seems to be having quite a good time in California, has found a love of motorcycles and the beach and has even found a man who is employed as a life guard at a local water amusement park. Ever since Tren was little she has always been obsessed with water, water conservation and treatment and was well on her way to becoming a teacher of hydro-economics for our the Astro-Quintage my tribe Anara comes from. Our five city ships have some of the best hydro-scientists and economists of the league, and the Grand Council has awarded Anara tribe with the Water Pole every year for the last three generations. Of couse our excellent youngschool teachers are everything to thank for that - and Tren's dreams of teaching youngschool have filled our ears since she was a small child. I wonder if she hasn't decided now to change careers and become a lifetime field operative like her old uncle. It's far to late to train her as my replacement, but she certainly could be his or her successor if she puts her mind to it.
++++On a less happy note I have decided to pull one of our agents out. He is also from my tribe, my cousin's nephew Anara Philan has discovered how much power our advanced civilization gives him in this world, and has started to amass a fortune beyond what his mission allowed. He is attempting to conceal the extent of his wealth through covert means. It is to his credit that he was able to leverage the help he received from other operatives so effectively into such a large fortune on Earth, but his attempts to conceal it have many in the Council of Leagues worried. Combined with the fact that so many of the operatives are from my league it makes sense to pull him at this time, and transfer his efforts more evenly among the agents from other leagues. I believe it would be in everyone's interest to receive him back as a hero, not in scandal, and reserve our Council doubts of him to the private conversation of elders. He is a hero and role model to many of the young, and right now in this time of change, they need heroes and role models. I will speak as such at the next Stone Ring Gathering, in front of all of the elders. Then I will volunteer to bring him back myself, and offer my resignation pending the training of my replacement. I have several able candidates in mind for my replacement, and it is time to hand the post off to a member of some other league anyway.
++++ Thoughts of retirement and a of Non-Orbital 12 fill my mind, a chance to truly rest. Still, I think I'll take a few years to play around earth before a settle down to life past N.O.-12 that they say is the biggest life change one makes (Though N.O.-10 was to my mind a shock that could hardly be exceeded). 11 was what I expected it to be and fairly welcome in it's simplicity. But 12, that's the one that separates us from the others, the only one we are allowed to contact long deceased friends and relatives from. It will be nice to speak with my dad and mom again. It makes me feel young to even think about it.


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"....We seem to find that at the root of all anger and hate in humans is ENVY. WE strive to create a condition where spirits can retain individuality, without feeling envious of others whose differences seem to give them advantages in this world. In order to do this we have created a place where anything is possible for the spirit to become or have, but only within the confines of that spirit's reality. This requires however that one live with all of the pain that a human's experience is given to before ascending to the next phase of consciousness. We are here on a mission of compassion to ease the transition of humans into the next phase of consciousness by increasing their understanding. We do not seek to change you, or redefine you, in the sense of who you are. No more or less than one is changed or made different by any new experience. Our goal is to allow you to live your natural lives fully and with little intervention; then to gift you with the extension of consciousness in both time and power. Just as you still think of yourselves as a different from us, you think of yourselves as different from the alien culture you are visiting.....
___While you relax we will be filling your mind with the basic knowledge that you require to exist among the people of Earth without disrupting them and causing unnatural stress upon their societies. The goal of your presence among them is to better understand our symbiotic relationship with humans, which will allow you to better us as our program continues. It should not strike you odd that you look so similar to the Earthlings, or that We speak of both of your races using the same word, "humans". Once you understand them, you will begin to see the scope of the challenge we are faced with.... "

(...From Var's "Introduction in the Learn-All Machine"...)


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A long time ago Thoole said to Var...
"The problem with humans is not that they don't know what they want, it's that they don't know anything else......
+++When you empower someone to be able to do anything, have anything, be anything, and then observe what they do with that power, you gain a nearly instantaneous insight into the true root of their desire - some moment in their lives that they have fixated upon. Most of the time, they don't even realize it. It's not that they are evil, or that they don't deserve to have what they desire, many times the root cause was a perceived injustice against them. Every human is the tragic hero of their own story, even when they evolve themselves beyond selfishness, they are still at the center of the perceptual drama, whereby they save someone else from the trauma that they themselves had to endure, thus by proxy become their own savior. This is when they desire good things for other people. By in large they won't evolve because they lack the capacity to discharge the ego completely. It's that they can't conceive of not having wants. One of the hardest things with humans is breaking them out of the "wants program loops". They fall into a pattern because of their desires, then, eventually with most you just stick the modifier "ad infinitum" to their program and terminate, they end believing they are spending eternity in bliss."
(Young Var replied)
"Didn't you scan for traces of thoughts evolving within the loop? what about satiation therapy, give them more of what they want then what they want so that it clears the way for true thought..."
(Thoole continued)
"It is precisely because we know that a human is more than a series of wants but cannot empower them without them falling into an unconsciousness loop that we require this experiment. If we can discover how to give humans power fairly, without corrupting their essential spirit, then we may be able to salvage the program. There are those who believe the situation has an inevitable conclusion for us all. Then there are those who believe that to be fatalism not logic."

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When Var was trying to decide on the mechanical aspects of the machine she would eventually give to the humans there were many questions in her mind about what form the machine should take. Should it be metallic, crystalin, an area effect nexus? Should it be something that is taken in such as a pill or smoke, or drank, as a potion. Or something that was put on and worn, like a ring, necklace or piercing. These were only minute details compared to bigger issues compared to problems like, how much history should the humans be given, how much truth she they be allowed to know? How well should it allow them to learn about any particular subject, should the training rely on them to draw bits of information out, or should it just be forced into their mind in its full form. Should the process include an expansion of their usable brain, an increase in their natural abilities, or be limited to what they already use, as attending class in a college might do? For Gods on Olympus view dimmly the darkness we live in, and the smallest light to them incinerates us as ants under a magnifying glass in the sun. So Empesh was enlisted to help her discover the answers to these things as he spent a great deal of time with them, taking a form that allowed him to move about their world without drawing the slightest suspicion. He was most talented at living among them of all of us, and drew little praise or scorn here or there. He was an unuasually average human.

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