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He stood prepared for an education which would be not a boring series of monotonous classes taught by underpaid overworked and uninspired teachers. He was going to learn music from the Greats themselves. First hand he would learn to appreciate all of the music we have on earth, followed by the continuing works of Mozart, Chopin, Hendrix, SRV, and a host of others too numerous to list here. He would gain hundreds of years of the one gift every artist truly desires.... time, that universal gift; more life.
Today he would stand before the Board of Music Educators in his new suit of fine flat black cloth and accouterments, knowing he had already been accepted to the program as a junior apprentice of music craft, and that though the studies would be hard they would also encompass a completeness of being that he as a human could never begin to understand. But then, as I said...
He had all the time in the world.

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David Bowie - Major Tom Lyrics:

Standing there alone,
the ship is waiting.
All systems are go.
"Are you sure?"
Control is not convinced,
but the computer
has the evidence.
No need to abort.
The countdown starts.

Watching in a trance,
the crew is certain.
Nothing left to chance,
all is working.
Trying to relax
up in the capsule
"Send me up a drink."
jokes Major Tom.
The count goes on...

4, 3, 2, 1
Earth below us
drifting, falling.
Floating weightless
calling, calling home...

Second stage is cut.
We're now in orbit.
Stabilizers up,
runnning perfect.
Starting to collect
requested data.
"What will it affect
when all is done?"
thinks Major Tom.

Back at ground control,
there is a problem.
"Go to rockets full."
Not responding.
"Hello Major Tom.
Are you receiving?
Turn the thrusters on.
We're standing by."
There's no reply.

4, 3, 2, 1
Earth below us
drifting, falling.
Floating weightless
calling, calling home...

Across the stratosphere,
a final message:
"Give my wife my love."
Then nothing more.

Far beneath the ship,
the world is mourning.
They don't realize
he's alive.
No one understands,
but Major Tom sees.
"Now the light commands
this is my home,
I'm coming home."

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