After love, the Vanilla Sky  

rm_sharksnsails 46M
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9/19/2005 4:47 pm

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After love, the Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky,
here is a movie that truly encapsulates genius science fiction. I wish I could make art like this.
I started out as a kid hating Tom Cruise. Even hated the name. This was partially because he was always playing some hot shot made for Hollywood pretty boy. Anyway, the first of his works that I really liked him in was Born on the Fourth of July, I was blown away. Then I went back and saw Jerry McGuire. Caught "Few Good Men" on a late night on the movie channel, (by the way Jack Nicholson rocks this movie). Since then I have substantially revised my opinion of Tom.
So what does Vanilla Sky have to teach us about love?
In the movie, Tom (playing David Aames) blows his chance at real love by getting in the car with his ex the morning after he meets his one true love. This is one to watch and watch again. There are many lessons in this movie.
In my relationship with my ex, I blew it when I went away with her girlfriend for a weekend in Valdosta GA. everything after that was her and I clinging when we should have let go.
Relationships are funny, the term familiarity breeds contempt so often applies. This is because people do screw up. Everybody does. Sometimes you lose small, sometimes BIG, sometimes you lose when the other guy didn't. But either way, one truth, life goes on.
This movie has a great line, "I'll love you in another life, maybe when we are both cats."
Clinging to greater yesterdays is the surest way to sabotage your today and tomorrow. That was my Ex's tragic flaw, the great yesterdays she was clinging to were not the ones with me. (they were the ones in which she was skinny from chomping diet pills (read killing her heart), and independent, (read free from oppressing ol' Mr. husband) and getting Mr. bigdick, while being chased by Mr. silver tongue (at work on the side), eventually Mr. silvering would win the great battle for my wife's heart, and I think that he still holds it today, ahhhh the power of a good liar, (she tried to go back to him after we split this last time, three weeks after, ha ha so much for me! ha ha)
I doubt that she will ever regret losing me like I her, (that regret is saved for Mr. silvertongue, who impregnated her than ditched her) such is life, Her mom would say "I always have to love him (silver) too ... he is the father of my grandbaby (this after I took her back and tried to make the little baby boy my own), neither ex nor ex-mom realized what this continued affection for him did to my heart. He came in used her and left, and she still loves him more!)
I was only her "the one" briefly at the very beginning of our relationship. My vanilla sky splice moment (watch the movie).
Maybe I'll love her again in another life.
when we are both cats.

If you are clinging to a past, hoping you will wake up in a dream and be there again, well.....
WAKE UP!, your not living in a dream, you can't go back, your life begins again every minute. What are you doing RIGHT NOW, TODAY to live your life well? or are you still living under a Vanilla Sky?
Hope this finds you introspective, and improving.


PrincessKarma 43F
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9/19/2005 8:45 pm

I think I already told you this but I'll say it again: your ex is a frickin' idiot. She never deserved your taking her back (well, that's just my opinion from where I'm standing... Im guilty of that too).

I have no dreams of the past any more. The man I wanted to marry broke up with me, and I took him back... then when I had no place to spend the night (my roomies kicked me out and I was sick as a dog to boot) he left me out in the cold to die.

I had a dream of the future, but it looks farther away every day.

I'm afraid to dream again... it hurts too much to have any dreams.

My sky is a pale gray haze.

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

rm_sharksnsails 46M
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9/19/2005 9:55 pm

PK, I can honestly say that my wife is not an idiot, just a bitch, and inconsiderate. The truth is it's OK that she was unsatisfied with what she had, because it has left me open to persue finding true love again. ambition becomes a disease rather quickly in the married woman (just ask lady macbeth, lol), I wonder how many people will never be content regardless of how things are going.
Still others are not content because they make bad decisions, based on irrational, emotional ideas (my problem).
A clear head and focused action are what bring the possiblity of happiness, when luck and chance have failed. But I know it is hard to stay on track, any track, god do I know.
Try to keep your head up, you got a good client now, and if you stay focused and keep your sleep schedule and life disciplined and streight you will come out of the deep pit your life has slid into.
you are to smart to lay down and give up with out a fight.
I believe you will come out of this dark funk that has its grip on you.
good luck babe, im rootin' for ya

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