this is just the first...  

rm_shanley1986 30F
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3/15/2006 3:40 pm
this is just the first...

ok i just bairley turned 20 and for the first time im finally dating. usually i get with 1 person stay with them. or just those 1 time things. i dont get it. i dot know what to do. i mean i like having sex but im nervouse and i always mess up! i am very out going and will always try anything at least once, what something has happened to me and now i dont know how to act! im becoming shy, like virgin shy. im not afraid to speak my mind, though! see last week i went out to the Fire House and i met this really cool guy, everything was going great, i mean the music was jamming, we were like one on the dance floor, so we deicided to take things back to his place. so far so good. we had a few drinks, and the next thing you know, i couldnt do anything! i mean, here the 2 of us were at his place, feelin each other on a good one, i got him on the sofa, his dick in my hand and i froze! like ive never done it befor! and i grabbed my purse and left qiuker than he could get rid of that huge bulge patruding from his shorts and boxers! i felt bad and i caint belive i just left him high and dry like that, which really isnt my style... i dont know whats come over me! i havent gone out scence than. so as soon as i figure out my prob. my life wilkl get so much better? any suggestions?

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