Rules of Masturbation Party Planner  

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Rules of Masturbation Party Planner

First, you need decide what kind of party to have. Will it be a keep-your-hands-to-yourself affair, or a no-moves-barred orgy? Will everyone be stone-cold sober, or will the booze be flowing? The ground rules need to be clearly laid out ahead of time to insure a safe, comfortable environment for everyone.
How Far to Go
The biggest question is what sort of contact will be allowed at the party. Whether you're trying to make women feel comfortable at a mixed-sex party or help men to overcome their homophobia at an all-male party, a no-touch rule may be the best way to go. People will relax considerably if they are assured that there will be no pressure to interact sexually with other partygoers.

If you're going to allow interaction, however, you need to clearly define the boundaries. For instance, you might allow manual stimulation, but forbid genital-to-genital or oral-to-genital contact. Or you might allow interaction only with a sex toy. Whatever you decide, make sure that everyone at the party knows the rules and agrees to follow them.

Safety First
Above all else, safe sex rules should be strictly laid out and strictly enforced. Ideally, you should forbid any exchange of body fluids, requiring a condom, latex glove, or dental dam for any and all sex acts. These rules should be absolute; anyone breaking them should immediately be asked to leave. Of course, you need to supply copious supplies of condoms, dental dams, and gloves, and safe ways to dispose of them.

Open Door Policy
To enforce the rules, you may want to require that everyone stay in public view. That way, there will be community pressure for everyone to abide by the rules and play safe. If people want to couple up, they can do it after the party.

Alcohol: The Big Question
Whether to allow alcohol or not is probably the most important, and most difficult, decision to make. Alcohol might help people lower their inhibitions and enjoy the party more, but it opens up a lot of potential for trouble. We'd recommend that you ban alcohol from the party

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