A "one pounder" for Flygirl  

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8/16/2006 11:36 am

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A "one pounder" for Flygirl

If you have seen Flygirl ask me about the "one pounder" -- it's not the weight of a certain body part -- lol

It is based on an old blog I wrote -- here it is:

Have you ever wondered where a certain term comes from?

For instance, when someone does something dumb, the term “blonde moment” has been used for years.

According to Joal Ryan of E! Online, a blonde moment is when a person, by virtue of their genes or access to Clairol products, unwittingly does something a brunette or redhead would easily recognize as a blunder in the making.

“The blondest moments ‒ the 55-hour Britney marriage, for instance ‒command our attention with their sheer audacity. Above all, they make us sit up and go, ‘Whoa, that person is stupid,’” Ryan said.

While this may or may not accurately describe the stereotypical nature of the “fair haired,” how did the term get started?

That is the problem with pop culture. No one really knows for sure how things like this get started. I am sure some student of “higher education” coined the phrase at such an esteemed event as a frat party and then - like the commercial says - he told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on.

Well, I have a new term - and I want to see if we can make it become part of pop culture.
Are you ready?

The term is “one pounder.”

You see, the average weight of the human brain is three pounds. So when you see someone who does something really stupid, you can say, “There goes a one pounder.”

I cannot take credit for this innovative discovery. A good friend of mine coined the phrase about a year ago and there is a small circle of us who have been using it ever since. However, I think the potential of the “one pounder” is huge.

“One pounder” could be the new “blonde.”

In this day of political correctness, we can now tease someone without offending an entire group of people because of their race, color, religion or follicle hue.

If “one pounder” catches on, it could be printed on T-shirts, be heard in movies and television, and generally be a part of pop culture.

We have a unique opportunity. With the recent influx of people from south Louisiana, and the movie and television productions that are in process here, “one pounder” could very well find its way into society on a broad scale.

How cool would it be to actually know the origin of a pop culture phrase?

We can do it – and when we hear others using it, we’ll all know where it started.

Who’s with me? Or am I a “one pounder” for even coming up with this scheme?

Since writing that, there have been several instance where the term has been used. In fact I received an email from a fellow who claims to have coined another pop culture phrase -- however that phrase escapes me at the moment.

There are people in California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida and Missouri who are aware of the term. It just hasn't quite caught on yet.

Maybe AdultFriendFinder will be the catalyst to go nationwide...

So, who's with me?

One pounders Unite!

Until Next Time...

"Is that the foot-long?"
"and then some."

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