sorry I did not mean too(A DREAM FOR ALL)  

rm_shag125 49M
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5/5/2006 7:13 pm
sorry I did not mean too(A DREAM FOR ALL)

This all starts out like this. I love and I mean I really love HOTT AND WILD SEX... And I would really like to find that girl that completes me and makes my life whole but I like the no-strings descreet lifestyle. This is a hard life inside a person to explain and I'm not bi or bi-curious but I like the women that are and I enjoy 3-somes both ways MWM or WMW and haven't tried 4 or more yet but I'm sure its as good or better. I could deal with a straight woman for true love but If you truely love each other in life there should be things that are unbreakable and thats the (feelings you share together as a couple) and that should be all sorts of feelings as long as you share them together if that makes since. If I have hurt any womans heart that I didn't feel that life together with I am truely and I mean truely sorry if I caused you any heart ache or pain in that manner but remember the sex together was a fond and special memory that we can both hold in our hearts as a fond and special memory for the rest of our lives. So dont think bad of me if my heart is focused on a plan for me that is really like a needle in a haystack please cause I dont wanna harm no one ever and I mean that. So memories together can be special ones even if they dont share feelings that keep going(thats a hard one)to find for men and women everywhere. And I'll probably die old and alone and never find that rainbow girl that colors my life with brite colors but everyone deserves the right to atleast look until they want to just settle for something that they may never find in life. BELIEVE ME I HURT TO WHEN THAT NEEDLE I FOUND TURNS OUT TO BE STRAW THAT STUCK ME and I know it hurts when the tables are turned and its me that cant be what some special girl wants in her life but I care about everybody REGARDLESS AND WISH LIKE HELL EVERYBODY HAD THEIR SPECIAL SOULMATE TO SHARE THERE ADVENTURES IN LIFE WITH.

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