help me understand  

rm_shadowmatt3 32M
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9/8/2006 3:12 pm
help me understand

help me understand

nothing realy matters to me
ill just go home
but to be the best i can be
ill write you this one tome
maybe im here for something
maybe ill starve to death
ill know the reason why
as you take your last breath

help me understand
the reason why you do the things you do
help me understand
these feelings long gone
not to long to you
help me understand
the things that arent right
help me understand
why i constantly find
my inner light

hungry for some more
cant barely control
seeking to do the things
i wonder
where are the springs
im here for ever
im nowhere to be found
oh no
im there in the air
over you
sound asleep

where did my time go
help me understand
how could i lose control
help me understand
where did the time go
help me understand
why did i feel love with you
help me understand

then there was a dream
where the things made no sense
then there was a flash of white
i begun my repentence

but heres where i stay away
and all i know
is where to go today
and heres where
my heart vow unto you
going going gone
with out this last fuse
i cant barely
stay awake
during the 80's eartquake....

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