fell down on my face  

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9/8/2006 3:12 pm
fell down on my face

fell down on my face

giving nothing to chance
making sure
this day is the last dance
dont you
feel the times
flying by
on the wings of life today
im not so certian of the facts
but i dont have anything to back on

i fell on my face today
it hurts
but the pain went away
then i
realized something
the life ive lived
wasnt full of honey

down down
i fell today
feeling my mind
slip away
down down
up came the ground
bracing myself
the hurt never was found

there wre days in my dreams
wehere the days were dreams
then i saw you
standing all alone
my mind flip on overdrive
lost my way home
isnt there something out there now
that tells how i cant up
again and again
i can feel this way
again and again

i fell on my face to day
looking for the way to space
and i never knew it
its so true
i say this today
the ground was heaving up
the birds were singing down
i sat
across from you
the other day
this is what i began to say

how can we begin to describe what can only be, and always was, a sense of the unknown? feelings that were lost at one time, are now found again. this time there is no end to the macabre and injustice that many have felt in the countrys other then our own. its time we shared our freedoms with those that need it the most, for to inspire a nation to peacefully resolve differences, is perhaps...the greatest thing of all.

never mind the world today
the sun will die out
in thirteen generations anyways
doesnt it strike you odd
doesnt it feel like your just a pawn

now look at this old man
sitting all alone
by the newstand
feeling so low
yet hes smiling
the happier then most

what about the birds in the sky
those thing
that like to fly
maybe we have another way
we have another way
to put one foot in the grave
and the other in some ice cream cake
some ice cream cake

here now lies the best
in court he died with the rest
going into a dark cave
he lost his mind
but said the same thing
im alright
not realy too bright
i need to find my way out
of this game

im alright
not too bright
its ok
ive found my way
ill be ok

im all right
not too bright
ive lost my way home
ill found it on my own
that right
help me out
because its too bright....

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