a dark flare emerges, part 5  

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a dark flare emerges, part 5

as mike was walking up the path he usualy took whenever his mind wandered, a filmy substance started to cloud his vision, yellow stripes at first, then blue polka dots, then as soon as it had started, it had stopped leaving mike dazed and a little scared. the people around him were looking at him again, there werent moving as if they had stopped in there tracks, some were waving to friends while others were sitting down and eating lunch, but they all had that look in there eyes like they wanted mike to help them out. "now what?!" he said as a bright flash of light returned everything to its original state, where everything was moving and the sky was returned to the blue sky he had always known. "well that was fun..." he said to himself.

piccela screams could be heard in the backround of mikes mind, his vision was obsured at once, as if he were blind, as if his balance were lost and his whole world around him was falling apart, peice by peice. "not this again..." he muttered to himself, catching his breath as the interuptions to his day stopped at once. "i think ill go check up on priccela, this days getting kinda wierd on me..." as he walked towards the universitys student activities center, he recalled goonys lesson on abnormal energy signitures and there interference with our reality. that how on the strangest of days a strong enough shockwave from the dark zone could send a person out of this reality and into the next. "what a weird guy... almost there, damn these steps are big.." he noticed that the more he climbed up the steps, the longer the stairway got, so he tried a little experiment to see if his theory was right, he looked to the left of him and there wasnt any floor, just emptyness, he looked to the right of him and there was outer space and a worm hole, the lightning around the vortex crackled and snapped, as if summoning him to an unknown destiny. "well... i only have one shot at this... so i better make the right choice..."

im trying a little something here, at the end of each new installement of a dark flare emerges, ill list three choices in a poll for you, the readers to choose what happens next in the series
so what should mike azgerd do?

should he:
jump into the darkness and see where it takes him
jump into the vortex to see where it takes him
keep going up the stairs
go back down the stairs and try another path

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