a dark flare emerges, part 4  

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7/8/2006 7:51 pm
a dark flare emerges, part 4

as mike walked out of the classroom and up the sidewalk towards the library, he let his thoughts wander until they stopped on the woman he passed earlier. 'jeez, her again? how many time is this going to go on? might as well go say hi to her and get it out of the way then...' he walked into the library down the stairs to his usual section of genetics books intermingled with biotechnology. "well... let see what we can find today... hm.. ' our genes: the story of dna.', nah...read that one last week. how about 'cloning: the ups and downs of it.'? nah... oh well... might as well get on my way then." mike walked down the ailes, passing his fingers against the books spine as he did so and glanced at the titles every now and then till he came to the stairway. a group of women passed him and he smiled and waved, like he did everytime and they returned the favor. he was about to walk through the doors of the library when he looked behind him and saw the woman again, her blonde hair seemingly catching his eyes and his attention as the doors closed in front of him. "shit!" a few seconds later he had simultaniosly run into the closed doors, fell down and knocked over a stack of books to his right. "this day just keeps getting better and better.... might as well fix this mess and check myself out." he was picking up the books, most of them history on the civil war and the veitnam war, when he caught that scent again.

"um, soory bout that, i wasnt looking where i was going and-" he stopped himself from saying another word long enough to look into two blue eyes that caught him by surprise, " do you need help cleaning up?" that voice, could it be? "uh... uh... yes...yes-yes i do need help cleaning up. who knew that there were this many books about the wars? anyways, my names mike azgerd, i saw you earlier today when i was taking a drink of water and-" "dont worry about it mike, i was in the middle of doing some research on the effects of the plummeting stock prices in the 1929 stock market crash on todays busisnesses." mike fell back on his butt and continued to talk with her the rest of the time, usualy it was just him cracking jokes and her laughing for a bit until he couldnt think of anymore to tell. " whats your name if you dont mind me asking?" she put the last book in its place and brushed herself off. "the names trixy... but i had it changed to priccela verato, it has a better ring to it, dont you think?" mike laughed a bit befor relaxing, it had been a while since he had a chat with anyone, especialy a woman ever since it happened.

"well it was nice meeting you mike, and im sure ill run ito you drinking water again sometime." 'think you idiot, ask if you could walk her to class or something!' mike stumbled on his words a bit befor he could get them out. "uh... mind if i walk you to class? i dont have anything else to do and my firends and i just play cards all day until our classes start." priccela thought about it for a while then smiled at him and walked out of the library. mike ewalked after her catching up and hoping to say something smart. "so i take it as a yes?" she nodded and they walked in silence for a while until they came to a round building labled "science and technology" "well here we are, my energies class starts in a few minutes and i have to study for the test coming up, plus fix any errors in the final draft in my essay... needless to say, this is where we part for now." mike shook her hand and noticed how soft it was and stood there for a minute holding it until he snapped back to reality. "um... mike? you can let go now."

the afternoon was a pleasant one with nothing realy intresting happening and mike liked it like that. the activities center wasnt usualy this busy, but it didnt bother him much anyways. "well onto other things i guess."

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