Khasiayah: Vampiress of Lust  

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Khasiayah: Vampiress of Lust

Now this is part of my Vampire Erotica story that I am currently working on. Tell me what you all think of it.

Vampiress of Lust

She had him hand cuffed to her antique four post bed. Powerless against her, he is so aroused. His well endowed quivering member was rock hard as she took a peacock feather and traced his body lightly with it ever so lightly that he could barely feel the tickle of the feather. “Mmmmm…. Khassie, you are my goddess. I need to be inside of you.” Raven moaned so loudly. He couldn’t stand it. Not being able to take her and have his way with her. Khassie knew that he needed her. His wanting made her more aroused by the second. She took a satin blindfold and covered his eyes. She didn’t want him seeing her fangs as they lengthened. The rich, delicious smell of his blood stirred her bloodlust. His young blood was so moving. She could hardly contain herself. She kissed his neck and nibbled on his ears leaving a trail of hot steamy saliva as she worked her way down to his chest. Gently sucking on his nipples with her soft supple lips, “How much do you enjoy this?” Khassie purred with lust in her voice. “Mmm… very much my goddess,” he replied breathlessly feeling himself grow beyond the limits he had once known. Now massaging the soft skin of his inner thigh, she could feel him twitch and squirm with her every movement. She knew that he wanted her to play with his----. Khassie wasn’t quite ready to give into his needs, his wanting. She wanted to make him wait. Make him beg her to give in. She hears a low moan come from Raven’s mouth, “Khassie, please,” is all she said. He couldn’t hold on for much longer. He wanted to feel her warmth all around him. He just had to have her.
She could feel herself getting all warm inside. A need to have him buried deep inside of her. She needed to feel the penetration. But she couldn’t just yet. She needed to taste him. Needed to make him squirm with pleasure. She had to be careful though. Her fangs were at full length now. He was almost too wide to fit between her fangs. She teases the tip with her tongue. “Khassie,” Raven says with exasperation. He could hardly speak. She takes him into her mouth wrapping her lips around him. Putting a slight pressure on his shaft with her fangs, she makes certain that she doesn’t puncture him with her fangs. As she starts to move him in and out of her mouth slowly, she makes circular motions with her tongue ring underneath the head. As she did this, Raven jerked with pleasure. “Khassie, I need to be inside of you. I want you so bad,” he tried to say but couldn’t seem to get the words out.
He is so close now. He is about to explode. She stops. She wants him to want her, to need her. She knew that she needed her inside of her. She wanted to climax with him. She positions her body right over the top of him. Bringing him to her and rests him there before entering. She leans her head back as she lowers herself on top of him. Burying him deep inside of her, she begins to ride him slowly. Rocking her curvy body against him, grinding her hips against his cock. Back and forth she rocked on him. She could her him moaning as he was getting close now. She brought him to a powerful orgasm. He grunted as he filled her with his seed.
As Raven finishes his orgasm, she bends over him and kisses him passionately. Before she could climax she needed to taste his blood. She needed to have him for all eternity. As she kissed his soft lips, she bites down on his lower lip. A steady flow of blood trickles into her mouth. She could taste the richness of his blood. She just had to have more of it. Khassie sucks on his lip taking all the blood she could. Raven screams as she sucks on his lips but they were muffles by her lips and face. As she begins to climax, Raven’s body goes limp. She leans back as she climaxes. She holds him so tight inside of her. She knew that he had been changed. Khassie looks down at Raven’s peaceful face, she knew that he had died when she climaxed. He wasn’t really dead but a part of her now. He would share all of eternity with her. Raven would be hers for now, for always.

wanttohavefu1985 31M

8/30/2006 10:57 pm

So you like the kinky stuff well I never tried it but I have always been interest in vampires & I like what you have written.

jimmymanfunfun 29M
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3/25/2010 12:04 am

I've always enjoyed being bitten.. I even prefer it to the point of breaking the skin.

I think keeping a scarf or a turtleneck nearby wouldn't be such a bad idea.. just in case?

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