just another day in Westlake (I think not)  

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7/21/2005 11:28 am

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just another day in Westlake (I think not)

It was hot yesterday and I was sitting outside the Starbucks and Jamba Juice stores here in Westlake Village after working out. As I sat there drinking my juice a classy looking woman was walking towards Starbucks in short shorts the kind with the large type across the butt, she also had a white spaghetti strapped top with no bra on and as she walked pass I could see (cause they were noticeably above her waste line) a white thong.

This is really not that unusual as I sit here often because of the view but I try and be careful when wearing bike pants or my short workout shorts in case I get a large noticeable bulge. It can be scary!

In a few minutes she came outside and was looking for a place to sit. I had the only table with extra seats under the umbrella and she asked if I mind if she sat there. “Of course not” I said and stood up to pull a chair out for her.

She sat down and asks me if I lived or worked in the area and I told her both since I work from home. She said it looked like I spent a lot of time in the sun since I am pretty tanned. I told her I believe most of this was a result of running but that yes I enjoyed lying out. Soon we exchanged names and she said she was kind of bored and that she had recently moved here from Woodland Hills (not far down in the Valley) and was still waiting on the rest of her stuff to get here tomorrow. We talked for a while and I’m sure she couldn’t help but notice my glances or stares at her. She was good looking for her age (if I had to guess 50).

As I began to finish my juice she asked me what I had planned for the day since it was so hot. I told her most of my work was done for the day until this evening and that I really had no plans except to lye out by the pool. She said that sounded great and that she was moving into a condo and didn’t have a pool. I ask her if she had her swim suit and told her she was more than welcome to come over to my house for a dip. To my surprise she said yes. I told her I would follow her home and then she could follow me so she wouldn’t get lost.

Her condo was close to the shopping center she was only in for minute and grab a bag and was back out and ready to go. I drove home with her behind me and she parked on the street in front of my house. I am the last house on a cul-de-sac.

When we got inside I showed her to the bathroom of the kitchen so she could change and I went to my room and changed into my black Speedos. When I walked back into the kitchen she had on a lime green thong bikini that made her look hot. I asked her if she wanted water or anything to drink before going outside and out to the pool we went.

After getting outside I began putting oil on and she asked me if I would get her back too. Of course I said yes I was just dying to touch her skin. She sat down on the chase lounge in front of me and removed her top and moved her hair up and told me to go ahead. As I was applying the oil she asked me if I was married or had a girl friend. I told her I was recently separated.

After finishing her back she stood up and started applying oil to her tight ass and beautiful legs as I did the same to myself and watched her show too.

We both lay down next to each other lightly talking her on her back tits (yes they were fake but looked nice anyway) in the air and me trying not to be so obvious with my stare.

I must have dosed off after a short while and was waken by a hand caressing my thigh. As I looked up it was her and she was rubbing the hot oil of my legs and every now and then was brushing up against my ever increasing bulge. Without saying anything she began to wrestle with my trunks pulling them down my legs. After talking them off she nuzzled up against my upper thighs as she began to rub the head of swollen shaft. I kind of sat up a little as she began to tease me with her tongue and mouth. As she did so I grab and rubbed that sweet ass. Before long she was going to town on me sucking my cock like she was thirsty. I took as much of this as I could take and asked her to stop and come inside. We didn’t even make it through the kitchen before I had lifted her to the breakfast nook and started sucking on her clit and tonguing her sweet pussy.

Before long I was sitting on a kitchen chair with her back towards me as she grabbed my cock and slid it inside her. She was riding me like crazy and I was enjoying the ride.

She kept fling her hair back and forth as her back arched and she began to moan I knew she was going to cum. As she finished I pulled her to the floor propping her ass up on a couple of throw pillows as I slid my cock in from behind and started hammering that pussy with all I had. Soon I could feel the hot cum building inside me and pulled it out as I began to cum shooting it across her back and ass. Fuck this was good!

We both laid there for a few minutes catching our breath and caressing each other before she started to get up and told me she was going to have to go. She went outside and got her top and as she came back inside the kitchen she informed she had a great time but had to go because her husband would be home soon.

As she left she leaned into me and kissed me deeply and said thanks. I must have had a puzzled look on my face as she left but I was kind of surprised by what had just happened. I obviously wasn’t going to complain.

justforus1971 45M/45F

7/21/2005 1:46 pm

lucky dog you make getting pussy sound so easy

rm_sgtrock60 56M
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7/21/2005 9:19 pm

I dont useally have a problem but let's admit that this was definately a case of the right place the right time...if you and your wife are ever in Southern CA let me know will get together for drinks.

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