What a TEASE...!  

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9/22/2005 12:25 pm

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What a TEASE...!

It was just a normal weeks grocery shopping that brought me to the local Vons. I usually like to do my shopping after 9:00 am on Thursday mornings, it just seems most people have somewhere else to be and I can get anything I want since they are restocking the shelves for the weekend.

This Thursday morning the weather was a little cooler as summer was going away to make way for fall. I had on a pair of shorts and a tank top having just got finished at the gym (don’t worry I had already taken a shower and had on clean clothes not my sweaty gym clothes…never in WESTLAKE VILLAGE!) but I had forgotten to bring a clean pair of underwear so I was free hanging underneath.
Anyway I always start in the Deli section and then work my way over to the produce that way nothing gets smashed. As I approached the Deli there was a 40 something year old woman in a short clingy black skirt placing her order. She had shoulder length hair, slight breast with no bra on and I could see by her panty lines she had on a thong. She turned and gave me the once over and a courteous smile then turned back to the counter. As I stood there checking her out I was definitely taken by her panty line and had started to let my imagination start to run when she abruptly turned and asked me what time it was. I was caught and she knew it, she had me dead to wrong I already had her half undressed in my mind. She smiled slyly as I fumbled to give her the time she grabbed her order and moved into the bread section leaving me with my tongue hanging out and holding up the line at the Deli counter.

After going through the bread and dairy sections I went down the isle where they keep the toiletries, like bar soap, toothpaste etc. I don’t know why but they always put the men’s stuff closer to the floor as I got down in a crouching position trying to make sense of the disposable razors and what was on sale or not here she come again, and this time she got right in front of me almost at eye level as she reached up to get some deodorant or something her skirt rose up slightly on her thighs and just enough to give a small peek at her red panties. As she came back down on both feet she looked down at me and asked, “Find everything OK?” I stumbled again to get to my feet and to spit something out that was audible as she smiled again and walked by me down the opposite way in the aisle and I just stood there watching her walk…

After getting some other items I went down and around several more before going over to the meat section. As I was going through the sausages looking for some good Italian sausage to make dinner with she came up behind me and said “I like mine big too”. Now this was getting too much and she was definitely loving it I could tell she knew what she was doing to me. She worked her way up the counter away from me and I walked away down the pasta aisle again wanting to pull her against me so I could feel what was up that skirt.

Looking over the pasta she came up the aisle towards me and then stopped about half way down and bent to pick up the tomato paste. When I say bent over I mean right at the hips so her tight skirt rose up just enough to expose her cheeks slightly and she didn’t fight to pull it down either and then rising upward again she tugged at it with her free hand one side at a time. I was getting one hell of a show and starting to feel it too! She moved down a little and again bent over as she looked at some other can goods this time turning her back towards me and I got a very good view. As she stood there she ran her hand up in between her thighs and sort of tucked in her crotch and all though I couldn’t see her hand it was the thought of it that made my free hanging buddy begin to throb a little as she stood up again. As she did so she turned as she put her can goods in her basket licking her lips and pulling her skirt down. A large woman was coming up the aisle behind her and she moved by at the same time brushing up against me as she passed by. God I wanted to grab her right then.

I finished my shopping but never caught a glimpse of her again but as soon as I got home I was stripped down pulling on my cock thinking about how hot she was. You woman love being teases don’t you? You know exactly what your doing to us and we sit there mesmerized by your show.

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