Running and sex  

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8/1/2005 6:47 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Running and sex

Today was another hot one here in the Southland. I went for my usual run and was happy to see many others’s continuing the task even with the heat. Now I’ve mentioned before how turned on I can get when working out but I think it is amplified by heat and sweaty women.

Now I know what your thinking that doesn't sound attractive but let me explain. Around the first turn down Hampshire Road there was a dark haired beauty in sports bra and black short shorts that were tight fitting. With her tan skin and her body in motion I couldn’t help myself by but to stay in back of her rather than pass her for a while just to check out that butt. Later when I got down by the lake there were two women running together and one of them had on white short shorts that were also tight fitting and hugging her tight muscular butt.

There is just something attractive of anyone working out. They don’t necessarily have to look like Charles Atlas or Corey Everson. Watching a woman in black bike pants pumping the pedals is definitely and attractive site. As one brands slogan puts it “just do it”.

Working out in the heat is bad enough but you woman can make it worst. I think we should have a clothing optional area for workouts to avoid these problems, LOL.

Just my thought for the day, please don’t shoot the messenger for the message.

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