On all fours  

rm_sgtrock60 56M
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9/14/2005 3:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

On all fours

Ever since I can remember I have loved to enter a woman from behind. I also love a woman with her hair draped down her shoulders as I nibble and kiss her from behind her neck and ears teasingly darting my tongue downwards as my hands stay ahead caressing her back waist and hips then rubbing and caressing her soft round ass. Standing from behind her I can caress her soft breast, circling her areolas and pinching her erect nipples as my erection begins to throb up against her back.

I lift her to her knees atop the edge of the bed as she moves to all fours it makes it easy for me to kiss her ass and then slowly probe her juicy cunt with my fingers first then my tongue…I love eating her out like this and can go at it for sometime!

Now comes the fun, I can slide the head of my swollen cock against her ass as it finds it’s way into her warm wet hole then using her hips/waist I pull myself in deeper slowly at first and then thrusting as fast as I can spanking her ass with my hands as I go out of control fucking her like some animal. As she arches her back upward I grab and pull at her hairs gently but firmly pulling her into me to meet my thrust. Slowly I can fill the blood rising as well as my white-hot wad building in the base of my shaft until I can’t hold back any longer… I pull it from her shooting my white-hot lava across her ass and back.

I love a woman on all fours, it brings out the animal in me!

rm_blue_eyed_RN 34F
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9/19/2005 11:30 am

The way you describe things is amazing. I could almost feel you doing all of this to me. Now I am all hot and I'm going to have to finish myself off. Wish you were here to do it for me.

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