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9/24/2005 11:50 am

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I don’t know about you but I fondly remember the first time I fingered some girl in school and the scent it left on my fingers I think I didn’t wash it off until it wore off on it’s own. I was mesmerized from the beginning that they had something different than we did. I liked knowing I could make it wet and loved rubbing on it through their soft schoolgirl panties I mean I did this for awhile before I had sex. To me this was it, it was great, how warm it felt and wet and at least at that age how fuzzy and soft their pubic hair was surrounding it.

As I got older and bolder it was eating it that made me really appreciate it. I liked to explore it’s every nook and cranny with my finger(s) first and then my tongue. Parting it open slightly and licking or nibbling on its hood I loved it all face first I would dive into it. As I became more experienced different ladies taught me the fine art of being a cunnilinguist. I learned to savor it, take my time with it and learned to react from her moans and movements what she liked and didn’t. As fashions changed so did other things too, I mean I remember the first patch I came across (both figuratively and literally) where a young lady had trimmed her bush to an inch wide stripe and everywhere else was bare, I also remember the first clean shaven pussy too. I have to admit I really like a clean-shaven one; it is appealing to the eyes and tongue alike, nothing like a smooth landing so to speak when you eating out.

I also find snatch to be fairly appealing visually yes I know we all like a good pair of camel toes but I also enjoy looking at it through sheer panties or a wet swimsuit it’s like an inviting flower attracting you the bee. If there is a maker up above he definitely knew what he was doing when he created it.

Warm to touch and wet and juicy with it’s own sweet fragrance if I could bottle it’s essence I would become a zillionaire!

Now I’m hungry…

rm_biker4022 53M
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4/29/2006 11:24 am

deine pussy ist bestimmt lecker,würde "SIE" gern ausprobieren,aber du bist soooweit weg-schade,viel spaß noch und I love you

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