Honesty at AF  

rm_sgtrock60 56M
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10/6/2005 8:36 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Honesty at AF

Today I went to meet someone I have been talking to now for three months on AF. We were to meet at Venice Beach at the Sidewalk Café.

I was excited to do so cause she had been so enticing in her responses to my blog etc. I got there a little early hoping to watch her walk up. I had been imagining this beautiful brown skin honey for sometime since she said she had no camera to post a pic with her profile. I knew she was African American and originally from New Jersey and she said she had great legs with a nice ass.

About 20 minutes after she was supposed to arrive I was getting ready for a let down. I had worn a pair of black Nike workout shorts so she would recognize my legs. Just then a tall man leaned over at my table and introduced himself as Eric (not Erica) and asked if he could sit down. Needless to say I was greatly disappointed we talked for a little while and I tried not to hurt his feelings but I was not there to meet Eric and was a little put out by the charade.

Now I am more than curious as to how many others are hiding behind no photos on their profile pretending to be someone their not to lure in someone. How about a little honesty here, I mean we all want to get off but lets try and be somewhat honest.

WNYCalienteCpl 41M/34F

10/6/2005 9:27 pm

wow, that is just wrong......tip for the future get a pic, many many pics before you meet someone...come on a cheap webcam costs all of 19 bucks these days.....failing that a quick phone convo would have let you know it wasnt a woman....as a couple we only generally meet couples, have heard stories from other couples where just the guy shows up, we havent had that happen to us yet but would not ever rule it out that it wont happen.....everyone just needs to have a set screening process and stick to it...and constantly refine it......this is afterall the internet the great bastion of anonymity......

guynamedjim 58M
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10/7/2005 8:23 am

The illusion what has developed in internet world is many times everything is more than it seems. Unfortunately it is sad reality.
It even hurts to painful being cautious waiting. Though more and more with the illusion of being unknown and not being known by others we learn to trick people. Hence no one wins.

choclitpussy 50F

10/9/2005 3:24 pm

wow, i have to agree that that was just plain wrong. it would have been better for him just to have not shown up at all. it's not fair and i, for one, have never understood the need to just tell outright, blatant lies about yourself to someone over the internet. i mean what can you do to them? all you can say is that you either are or are not interested in finding out more about them. OR, you can just not chat with them again (a sometimes harsh, but necessary stance). barring that, what else can you do? what are people so afraid of and why is anyone so afraid of being themselves? it really is a mystery to me.

i understand not necessarily wanting to post your picture with your profile. however, i would think that after a mutual interest takes place that surely, a person would have at least one picture to share. i'm sorry that that happened to you sweetie, but at least you know that some of us really are real, and look exactly as we say we do.....lol take care, screen carefully, and stick to your screening rules.

rm_sgtrock60 56M
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10/9/2005 8:57 pm

First of all I had spoken to Erica several times over the phone and yes she had a Lauren Bacall voice. I wasnt too upset as it was a compliment in a way but it was disappointing...ya know what I mean?

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