Eating snatch.  

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7/28/2005 5:24 pm

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Eating snatch.

I remember the first time I tried to go down on a girl it was in high school. I don’t think either of us really knew what it was we were doing. She had on these yellow bell-bottom pants (yes I know I’m showing my age) we use to call drive in pants because they had two zippers in the front that allowed her to open them up and drop a flap.

We went to the drive in to see that crazy David Bowie flick ‘the Man that fell to Earth’ or something like that she was a Bowie freak. As is the case when you go to the drive in (or used to, I know some of you missed out, it’s like free love too but that’s another story before STD’s and Aids) you usually try and park in the very back cause who in the hell really came for the movie and if you did you usually parked up front closer to the snack bar etc. We were at Belmont Drive In (in Dayton, Ohio) and it was a classic hang out and a great place to score too.

Anyway after getting stoned on a joint and making out until she couldn’t take it any longer I unzipped her pants and slid my hand down her panties. She had one hell of a bush down there, as did everyone I guess in high school. I kept trying to get her to suck my dick (now I know ladies your going to give me shit for this but you know it happened and probably still does as you get older you become more finesse). Well to her credit and the latest edition of her mother’s Cosmo she said, “Only if you eat me first”.

Boy did that throw me, what could I say? What should I do? So she slid her pants all the way off and we moved the front seat up (there’s plenty of room in a 69’ Chevy Malibu) so we could stretch out. She was short anyway so it kind of made our car gymnastics easy.

As I came face to face with what looked like a wet clump of hair (obviously playing with it for an hour had gotten her soaked) I kind of tried to find an opening with out looking to stupid. Started fingering her again so I could find it easier and then just kind of kissed it and licked it but she liked it at least.

It wasn’t until I was a little older and much more experienced that I learned the finer etiquette of eating juicy pussy. An older woman from work got me to come over to supposedly help her move some things and before I knew we were rolling around on her sofa and she stripped and made me eat her. She told me exactly what to do and where. I learned about sucking or nibbling on the clit as well as fingering her as I lapped at her swollen hood.

To this day I love to eat pussy sometimes I like to do it and then say I got to go without going further. This drives her crazy and makes our next meeting that much more intense.
I think the best pussy I’ve eaten was African American. Seems like some of the brothers wont do this and they really don’t know what their missing. I mean you eat tripe and other things I wouldn’t get close too, this is a million times better and it makes her feel GOOD!

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