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9/13/2005 4:01 pm

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A nurse

I have been away for the last several weeks, back to Dayton, Ohio to see my mother and get her ready to relocate to Southern California. It was a hard decision for her since she has always been able to take care of herself but her health recently has made her bed ridden and she knows now with some certainty her time remaining may be short. Being the oldest in an Italian family although I live the furthest from home it has been my responsibility to step up and take care of her. I am relocating her within 3 miles of my home in Westlake Village, CA.

When I got there I spent the first five nights in the hospice and the night staff was very accommodating, especially one of the nurses. Lisa was a short Hispanic nurse in her mid thirties. She started every evening at 10:45pm and since I was still on California time it was very easy for me to stay up late into the early morning hours. We talked a lot first about my mother and why I came back. We also talked about her too; she had just finished a messy divorce with some meathead who treated her like shit. She had worked herself through nursing school working at K-mart and soon afterwards she notice he became jealous and very possessive of her. He worked when he could as a painter and general laborer so I think he felt her slipping away. She said after coming to work with heavy makeup on once to many times a co-worker had pulled her aside and told her it wasn’t worth it.

She was a tiny thing maybe 4’11” if that with long dark black hair and beautiful brown eyes. Very bright and I loved watching her move in her white or uniform. She had a gorgeous warm smile that charmed everyone. Every night she would bring me a snack from the employee kitchen and some coffee and we would sit and talk. It was obvious we liked each other’s company. On the third night I was there I caught after I fell asleep coming in to cover me with a blanket stroking my hair after placing the blanket across me.

I reached my hand up and pulled her hand to my mouth and gave it a soft kiss and smiled at her and watched her walk away to continue her rounds.

Since I was never up when she got off I didn’t see her until later when she came on shift. I told myself I wanted to give her something but nothing that would come across too serious. After my mother finished her evening meal I went down to the gift shop and bought a single red rose. When she came on duty later I gave it to her and she offered me a kiss. I went to the TV room where I spent a lot of time and tonight she didn’t seem to come by as she usually did so I was concerned that I may have offended her with the rose.

About 1:30am when she usually took her break she popped in and asked me if I wanted to go for a walk (they get thirty minute breaks as long as there are two other on the floor).
We walked to another floor where she said they go sometimes to take a break. We entered a empty room and we both sat down on the sofa as she grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. I don’t really remember what was on but I do remember how fast she seemed to be all over me. She started to talk several times but stopped short and continued to kiss me deeply. Before I knew it my hands were up the back of her blouse and caressing her. Like clockwork she abruptly stopped and said her break was almost over and that we would have to go back to her floor. On the way up to her floor she asked me if I wanted to go to breakfast with her when she got off she said she would wake me if I were interested (how could I not be).

Morning came she woke me and I said I wanted to get cleaned up and then check in on my mother. When I was finished I walked into the break room and she hadn’t already gotten off work and had changed into a short purple pair of running shorts and a white tank top. I could she her dark areola’s through it even though she had on a bra and as she stood up the short were cut just high enough to expose a soft crescent of cheek on each side I was getting excited just looking at her. As we got out into the parking lot she grabbed my hand as we walked to her car. When we got in she asked me if it would be ok to eat at her apt. Instead of going out cause she wanted to relax. She lived just long enough about twenty minutes for me to keep looking her legs over and as we got there I went to get out of the seatbelt and her hand grabbed mine and as I looked into her eyes she kissed me deeply probing my mouth with her darting little tongue.

On the elevator up I couldn’t help but rest my hand on her ass as I am six foot one and she was just the right height so to speak.

After getting into her apartment she through her keys on the counter told me to make myself at home while she changed and I walked into the living room and looked out her window. She was up about 8 floors and had a pretty good view of the city too. When she came back into the room I immediately felt a wet spot form in my pants. She had on a short blue silk kimono tied across the front and had just apparently taken a quick shower.

Walking across the room towards me she stepped up on her toes and kissed me softly and as I pulled her closer reaching down her back the robe had risen high enough that her tight little round ass was exposed, she had nothing on. We went to the floor quickly where we proceeded to tie ourselves up in knots grouping each other’s bodies and kissing and drinking each other in until we finally fucked our brains out. I stayed until about noon when she got up and got dressed and returned me to the hospice. As I got out she told me she would have the next two nights off. I gave her my cell phone number but like a dummy never got hers.

As I checked my mother out two days later I inquired with some of the other staff if they knew how to reach her and offered my cell number for her to call me using the excuse that I wanted to thank her for everything she did for me. I never heard from her and I am now back in California.

My mother is now settled in her new hospice and when I visit I cant help but check out the nurses on duty…

slickkitty67 50F

9/13/2005 7:14 pm

mmmm.... adventure where ever you go!! now see, when my mom was in the hospice, where were the hot sexy nurses then??? nooooo.... all we had were old ladies with hair growing from their moles. nice, lovely, kind and caring ladies to be sure, but well... you know...

rockbabe2005 52M/53F

9/14/2005 8:25 am

Glad to see your back. Noticed you hadn't been around, sorry about your reasons why. When my Stepmother was dying Hospice did a great job taking care of her, and making sure she was as comfortable as possible. Wish we had used them when my Dad was ill. Well anyway, sounds like you and the nurse were both in need of a little comforting and up lifting. Probably why your paths crossed, I believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason.Good luck on your nurse search. Like with slickkitty's experience they were all very nice and wonderful, but I wouldn't have put them in the hot and sex catagory.

rm_blue_eyed_RN 34F
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9/19/2005 11:21 am

Wish I could have been your mom's nurse. It wouldn't have taken me so long to take you to the break room.

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