What does AFF has done to me?  

rm_sexypinay16 44F
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10/5/2005 4:23 am

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10/21/2010 7:11 am

What does AFF has done to me?

AdultFriendFinder has great changed my life and point of views in life. It expanded my horizon..and lol..made me feel like a real woman. lol When I log in to this site I was in my way of searching for someone who could fill in all the void and emptiness I have, without knowing whats on this site. But as I went on my quest..the more i got dissappointed. Because I was surprised to all the nudity and porns that my curious eyes is seeing. But still I stayed until I found myself enjoying and learning. Logging in on this site has taught me a lot of things ..things are not so acceptable in my culture and to way of life I was accostumed to. I came to meet great people in this site..very real..outspoken..and daring. I envy them for they can do whatever they want and they feel happy. They can unfold before the world what they want and who they are without thinking what others will feel about it. Before I was shocked and disappointed ..but now I begin to see these people in the different way. Im now becoming curious to these people who has different culture from me..and I found them amazing.Ive learn to appreciate their thoughts , beauty, and culture. A friend asked me once why the hell did I log in this site ..I just shrug and told her..I loved it here..Im maybe just a mere spectator here, checking on other's profile, emailing them, chatting with other members but the importamt thing is... I was discovering more ..Im learning... and Im happyel like real woman..

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

jim5131 55M
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10/5/2005 7:13 am

...and now you've discovered the best side of AdultFriendFinder: the blogs.

I have blogged before on why and how we all got here: it was a hot and horny Friday night and this spam came thru our email box...so we tried it...and there are some wierd people out there. Then we looked at the blogs..and there are some wierd people out there. But there are good people, too.

I have read posts from some that have had losses and cried for them. I have read posts that thrill me when they finally get that 'perfect date' that they have been looking for so long.

I have friends from this site that I email regularly and call often. We have become friends and have never met. The idea of sex with them hasn't crossed my mind since then. The things we talk about are open, free, and honest. There is not anything we can't discuss. Great therapy.

I have been to the Philippines several times and LOVE that country. The people are incredibly friendly and the women are just lovely.

I wrote a novel and am posting it, one chapter at a time, on my blog. It covers a lot of the Philippines, as well as Singapore and the Middle East.

So...good luck and enjoy!

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