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2/25/2006 3:37 am

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The whole week was a total brain wracking and physically draining. Waking up at 4 am to start my day and coming home 9 pm almost everyday. Ending my busy day at around 1 pm. I was so busy that rarely notice things around me. The hours are not enough for me. I wanted to finish all my work and work projects on time. So much pressure so much the better, I dont know whats happening to me but I began to love the numbness it brought to my spirit. The pressure, the tiredness of whole body and mind kills whatever unwanted emotion i have. Evryday when i go home ...i dont eat my supper any m0re...i dont remember when did i have my decent meal. I just took shower and hug my kids and check their homeworks,feed them, clean them and put them to sleep . There are days when I cannot sleep because I m worrying of deadlines and projects. I love the activeness it brought to my mind and body. I no longer have time to think ..to feel..to analyze. I just sleep like a log almost evry day and waking up in hurry to start my day...it was almost like a race.....where u only use ur mind and body to surpass the hurdles.

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

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3/2/2006 8:47 pm

Change such a simple word yet it is the most complicated issue nowadays. Change they say is important in all aspect of life. Because of it we can improve and reform ourselves much more our life. But changing is not that easy. you must weigh. You must be sure that you will be happy with whatver change will happen to your life bec if not then dont do it. Bec change must come from within us... In my case Iam driven, workaholic to the max that i rarely see the colors of the sky nowadays but I am open to change...if Iam not too busy...hehehe..( just kidding) I am open to change if it will benefit the people i love ...my family....my kids...my friends...evryone.

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

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3/1/2006 5:30 pm

But.....we make the mistake and take the familiarity of work as security. We fear change. We subconciously question ourselves such as: "Can we anticipate change; can we see it coming? Can we monitor change -- can we see ourselves as others see us and know when we have to move on or change our behavior? Can we adapt to change quickly? The quicker the better; because it will lead to more energy, motivation, confidence and, hopefully, the ability to enjoy change, again and again."

Neuenschwander said enjoying change for change's sake, is particularly difficult for many people. "How do you feel good without knowing the outcome? How can you enjoy the journey to change? I have trouble with that myself," she said.

Neuenschwander also had some cautionary advice for those responsible for initiating change: Change imposed is change opposed.

"People resent it when they are not included in the thought process. In truth, we all would feel better if we are consulted and at least feel a part of the process instead of change as a directive: 'Do this, do it quickly, don't ask questions.'"

Is it time to change? I dont know? I think I will just have another drink.

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3/1/2006 1:30 am

thank you for that beautiful poem...you are right , we are in a race , where the competition is so tight, that we are all dying to get to the finish line called success. Work has been my ally..my companion..my bestfriend...my refuge when my world crumbles. Because n here I feel no pain..just numbness. I feel no loneliness...just fatigue....I feel no longing just the great urge to lie my back and sleep. I sound dramatic..but this is me...this s what my work can do to me.

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

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2/28/2006 1:15 am

Today I stumbled on your blog. It is a remarkable microcosm of a long race - the human race! Why do we all do it? Work this hard? Is it an addiction are we workaholics? No I dont think so. I believe that we subconciously and consciously know that we need the money so that our loved ones can live in safety and security. We do it for them and not for us and most of the time they are not greatful. The time we spend working is time away from them. We can never win.

Here is a poem about thanks to a Mother about her influence on her daughter.

Mother by Cobrakede

Caring love cold as an shower,
never before and never after,
shall one as you love me again.

You cradle me at youth,
protect me as I mature,
scold me in contempt and yet -
always in love.

If not for you . . .
. . . I would not care,
If not for you . . .
. . . I would not live,
If not for you . . .
. . . I would not love.

Hold me as I go into the world,
do not protect me, only guide me,
for I am mans' and womans' child,
bold an foolish,
yet as always it shall be -

Forsake me not, for with me pride was born,
good and evil I can do - that all mankind can do,
but that what I've been taught- not all mankind can do . . .

. . . care.

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