In case 0f Emergency  

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4/15/2006 4:13 am

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In case 0f Emergency

I have gone to our annual school medical check up, as usual we were required to undergo some series of medical tests, blood test, blood pressure, xrays, and many more. Just like in the previous years , we signed some new papers, for personal information purposes. So I went on signing some info and at the end of the paper....Persons to be informed in case of emergency....I always left in blank. I cannot write down the names of my kids...they are too young...Who will I write here? A deep pain suddenly sliced in my heart...Who will be there for me in case something happened to me? Through the years I always leave this information blank. I cannot write down my friends name cases that it was really required , I once jot down the name of my bestfriend but then a clerk asked me if she was a family. From then I didnt dare to jot her name again. How could I write my parents names here when they are too old to go anywhere and answer phonecalls. How could I write my sbilings who are living far away from me? One time I jot down the name of my house maid....out
of compliance to the clerk...
A deep painful realization is staring back at me while doing my form...I really dont have anyone to take care of me. I really dont have anyone whom I could rely on in case something terrible happened to me. I was trying to control my tears from falling. In my 8 years of renewing and filing up these forms, this is the first time and only time that I realized the sad truth about me. Who will they call in case of emergency? My neighbors, my friends, my siblings, my parents, my sons? Yes maybe one of is so painful to realized how alone I am.

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

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