Friday Night  

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10/23/2005 3:43 am

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Friday Night

Last Friday night I go out with friends , because Its the birthday party of my two close friends Yna and Alissa, we are six in a group, we call our group, Friends Forever. A group of young teachers who are all crazy , wacky ,real noisy and sentimental fools enough reasons why we ended up as friends for almost 7 years now.

So after asking permissions from their hubbies and me to my good old mom our celebration materialized , we promise to get home early..4 PM..too early huh. We had a great time singing our hearts out at a very fine and cozy restaurant in the heart of Angeles City. So we choose a cubicle where we can both have the privacy and opportunity to unleashed our singing abilities withoutbreaking any eardrums. lol.

Well. we dine , get a little tipsy with beer,and we all done our share of craziness while we are in there, well Alissa her usual ballet talent once again made us laugh .

May, the sexiest among us took off her top while she sings Buttercup .

Yna, never stopped texting and sending messages
because she was worried about her husband and a great singer of love songs and ballads.

Eloise , in her late 40's who never sings but a great texter like Yvet and me , our mobiles never stops ringing , because her hubby is checking on her. Lol great for her. At least someone is really over super concerned.

Shiela the smallest girl , she is just 4'11 is in the hospital because of her tummy and fever and Arielle
me , the foolest of them all tried to perfect, " I Will Survive", hehehe my fave song , they all helped me to get done with song or else I wasn't ble to finished it beacuse of my giggles. But what made me the foolest is this,I cried over one song,because my mind is travelling million miles and the song seems to tell me something, there that really made me cry ," How Did You know" its a song for my great friends and for my soulmate. hehehe crazy fool.

I was looking them with so much happiness while we are there. I was so happy that Ive found them. Such good and real people who helped me through and made me a very strong woman.I was thinking what happened to me if they were not there for me, they are like my sisters. Our friendship that goes through time,in good and in bad times.

Someday, Im gonna leave these guys and go to far away land .And the thought makes me sad and scared at the same time. I'm asking myself if I will come across with such true and lasting friends like them, who are silly, real, and unafraid to love and be loved. I left them wondering why did I cried . But they are used to my dramas that sometimes they thought Im just joking and getting ready for a big play.

During that moment my mind begun traveled miles away from there but I brushed it off again trying not to. For each song and each lyrics something makes me want to cry. I was thinking of the blog world and people in it. Maybe im hooked to it that even in this great time , my mind and heart keeps on thinking, wondering, and missing...

So we are done 1:30 PM and we agreed to go Casino bec I told them that I haven't got in that place in my entire life which I left them all laughing. We went inside and wearing my Alice in W
onderland look. I come across with my kinds of faces , losers, winners, desperate, lonely, sleepy, old , and hooked on this game.

This is not a place for me. Cards and games are not my cup of tea. I used to hate playing cards when I was small and up this time I still haven't lost that dislike of card games.

But one thing that made me want to get inside is I wanted to see what's in that world. And I must admit that a first visit is ok, second visit is fine but a third one is too much. In there I was amazed how beautiful but lonely the place is not a place for me.

I don't like seeing people wasting such big money no matter howrich they are. It made us laugh when a man bought chips worth of ten thousand pesos n he just played with them and lost them in 5 minutes. Why laugh? Its bec its a 3 month salary for us and he just waste like that. But that's life. There are people who can manage such luxurious life .

We played a machine where some coins went down and my friends shouted with glee because they said we won 1300 pesos. Im totally unaware of the rules of the game. But I must admit we all enjoyed the machine, the sights and people.

We caught the attention of some people because of our shouts of victory , they thought we won the jackpot.hehehe I guess simple people like us have simple happiness.

So at 4 pm we are on our way home. Tired, happy, and warmhearted. Its been months since we done something like that and it rejuvinated us.

Kids are with my dad in bed when I got home. Mom was already awake cooking breakfast and having her coffee. After a few minutes of talk to her I put on my pajamas to go bed . And thanked God for his great blessings.

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

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10/24/2005 4:01 am

hello Asia. Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I will read your blog. Its also nice for me to have a good reader of my blog like you do. thanks!!!


Love..Faith ..and Hope..

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