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11/22/2005 1:20 am

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Many people when they fall in love look for a little haven or refuge where they can be sure of being admired when they are not admirable and praised when they are not praiseworthy.-
Bertrand Russell.

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

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11/24/2005 2:11 am

Hello Jim..Im back...You made me smile with that comment huh..Im refering to love...love in the deepest meaning of the word. When you love someone you are not afraid to uncover the real you , no matter how worst that real person was or is bec you are confident that you will be accepted and loved no matter what....But you are also correct a part of me is refering to my blogging...my presence in this world of blogging...thanks Jim..you are making me feel good about myself..million thanks.

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

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11/22/2005 4:48 pm

Bertrand Russell was married 5 times (..and I think one of them was a former man..)...

I have been in love seveal times......and for the life of me, I can't understand what he is saying about a haven or refuge where I could've been admired or praised....not in anyone.

While I'm sure he was a great lecturer of logic, I'm not so sure about his reliability in matters of the heart. And I hope you aren't talking about your prescence in this blog when referring to this quote.

You are better than that. You are NOT just looking for a place to be admired when you think you're not admirable....and praised when you're not praiseworthy. You are admirable and praiseworthy ALL of the time....just because we met on this blog doesn't mean I'm fond of you because you're a fellow blogger. I am fond of you because of who you are. I love the way you write. I love the way you talk about your hopes, dreams, children, family and friends. I know you've had a hard past...but it is in the past unless you bring it into the moment.

If the quote was without "when they are not admirable" and "when they are not praiseworthy", then Russell would be correct. If you are in love and blogging, you are simply communicating the ideas and feelings of the heart.

as it should be...

Don't be so hard on yourself, Pinay. Give yourself a little credit...okay?

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