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10/8/2005 8:49 pm

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I once posted my pic on this site. But something has made me changed my views about posting my pic. Yes, I did got a lot of winks, emails, when Ive done that. At first I was really proud ,because It was only then that Ive realized how I look as a woman. With the fast paced life that Im leading, along with the responsiblities of being a single mom and the pressures that life is giving me. I rarely look at the mirror and analyzed how I look. In short I dont really pay much attention , if I look like this or that. Im not interested. Absurd it maybe but to a woman who is so busy like me. I dont realize some qualities I have until I posted my pic and got some crazy winks and emails from all the equally beautiful men on this site.
But along with that pride, I was looking for more than that. I want these people realized that along with this face...there is a strong spirit behind it. I want them to admire not only the beauty that they seen on my pic but the individuality of a woman behind that body. I know it takes time before anyone could see that . So I took off my pic. I want to see if there are still men on this site who is after the spirit and mind of a woman than to her beautiful face and exquisite body.
I know Im too idealisic and naive with regards to this matter. But who could blame me? Im afraid that I might fall in love with a person who is only after the looks. And someday I might get overweight and old..then he might not love me anymore. Of course I want a person to adore me but I want him to love my soul and the whole of me regardless of how I look and who will I become.
Beauty is more than physical,it fades, it grows old, it can be ruined or damaged, but the real beauty lies on the soul , mind and heart of a woman.

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

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10/11/2005 6:10 pm

You're in the right place: people here fall in love with each other because of what is in their heart, in their minds and how they interact. Sometimes they don't really know what they look like because at that point...they no longer care.

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