Sunrise Delight  

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2/25/2006 2:45 am

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Sunrise Delight

He watches her sleeping so peacefully. She is lost in a dream. The smile on her face tells him she is dreaming about thier night of lovemaking. She sighs and cuddles closer to him. He kisses her forehead and then her lips and eye lids. She stirs and looks up at him smiling sleepily. He says good morning lovely. How dod you sleep? She replys good morning I slept wonderfully. How long have you been awake? He tells her he has been awake for a little while watching her sleep. She smiles and asks why were you watching me sleep? He tells her he was watching her because she looked so beautiful and so relaxed and she even smiled in her sleep dreaming about what?
She tells him she was dreaming about waking up in the arms of a wonderful man holding her and kissing her awake. He smiles now and sheepily asks her How did your dream end? She replys It hasn't! He pulls her closer and kisses her passionately. He whispers "you are so beautiful when your sleeping but you are even more beautiful and sensual awake. He kisses her lips her neck her breasts. She catches her breath as he kisses her breasts. He softly touches the nipples bringing the alive and hard. He kisses them then licks them and pulls one into his mouth nibbling and sucking on it. She is getting so hot. He looks up and sees the passion on her face as she enjoys his manipulation of her breasts. His hand travels to her pussy and he sees that she is already wet. His finger finds her clit and she catches her breath as his fingers stimulate her clit and find thier way into her pussy. She is fully awake now and wanting him even more this morning than last night. He is sucking her clit now and she is bucking her hips matchuing his licks. He is getting her so hot. He watches her face and sees the glow of passion and asks her if she is happy. She murmers "Oh God Yes". She wants his cock so badly now and she reaches down and touches him. He is hard already. She pulls him up from her pussy so she can taste his cock. She licks it plays with the head with her tongue. He is moaning now she sees the passion on his face now as she sucks his throbbing shaft. Just before he is going to cum she stops and climbs on him and slides his cock into her pussy. She rides him up and down as he grabs her breasts ans sucks them as hse rocks up and down on him. He begins to push into her harder and harder and she is dripping wet all over him as the match movements and he sucks her breasts. All of a sudden they both climax she cries out with eash pulse of cum flowing into her. The she falls onto the bed into his arms and he kisses her again and again whispering that was so good you are so beautiful. They fall asleep intwinesd in each others arms as the sun comes up.

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love it!

Purry {=}


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