Romantics Don't Need Valentines Day  

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2/10/2006 1:03 am

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Romantics Don't Need Valentines Day

Yes, its true, I'm a romantic, but not in a commercialized way. I don't go for the kitsch, you know those teddy bears and the flannel pajamas. But as I'm writing this I realize it is hard for me to even think of being showered with 'gifts'. I do like getting gifts but not really materialistic. I do like flowers though, there is just something about getting fresh flowers. The smell, the beauty -- its great. But I digress, you don't need Valentines day to be romantic but some need the motivation, i.e., being bombarded with the ads reminding us of the upcoming holiday -- of course its a time for companies to sell you something. The idea is good -- because without it some people wouldn't even bother. But I don't like to buy into the hype and would like to ask others to share their most memorable romantic date. It can be a Valentines date but doesn't have to be. I've got a couple, of course the typical picnic on the beach -- it was nice and appreciated. Another was when my boyfriend arranged for an at home massage -- he set the mood with a fire, good food, champagne, and body oils. I know I'm not being very descriptive so I'll work on it -- but wanted to get this published so I could read about some other good stories.

lifetooshort999 51M
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2/10/2006 1:24 pm

Romance is about mood, attraction, commitment, truth, passion...not some expensive thing, or place. Those are trappings that reflect the intensity underneath (or, at least the intensity that SHOULD be there). I have had a number of romantic experiences. One that holds a special place is one warm, summer, evening with my girlfriend in the CO foothills. A bottle of wine, two carefully wrapped wine glasses, a blanket, an almost-full moon and the sound of a creek that enhanced the feeling of time being suspended and our being the only two people on earth. Nothing wild and sexual about it, just an interlude of intimacy that was part caress, part the mingling of the scent of her hair with the evergreens and part sharing without having to say anything. We weren't celebrating some over-hyped holiday that's been arbitrarily thrown onto the calendar. We were celebrating our connection.

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