Intellectual Intercourse  

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10/3/2005 1:06 pm

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Intellectual Intercourse

I found my Alanis Morissette CD, Jagged Little Pill recently and she uses the phrase in one of her songs. And listening to the album reminds me of how "angry" she was but beyond the anger the songs give women "permission" to move beyond the surface of the acceptable emotions we are feed to just laying it on the line...I'll expand on this later.....but moving on.

I'd like to expand on the comment I made about being amazed by life while while many others sleep through it. I think this comes from my artistic side, my ability to look beyond myself, to see the bigger picture.

Have you ever had an epiphany? I've had a few that have helped to shape who I am today. The first was one where I was attracted to a person on the intellectual level, beyond the physical. I was drawn to the person's soul, this sounds so cliche but I didn't know I had it within me because I've always been someone with a physical beauty. And over the years this hasn't always been a bed of roses. (I'll talk about that later) So I know I can move beyond the outer skin and move to the soul.

Don't get me wrong the guy didn't have a third eye or anything but I wouldn't have been attracted to him if I would have seen him in person before I got to know him on a different level prior to meeting him in person.

The next lesson learned is I appreciate every moment of what we call life because I know it will change, it will end, and friends/lovers will move in and out of our lives so they can't be taken for granted. But with this lesson I also don't waste time, I don't drag things along because I don't want to hurt someone's feelings and I'm very judicious with my time because it is so valuable.

Are you living life on your own terms? If not then think about it, I know again it is cliche, but living for someone else is not living but sucks life from your soul.

Baby steps in the beginning, but live.


saddleupnride05 48M

10/3/2005 8:26 pm

Epiphany...yes, I've heard of that word. I had an epiphany once while I was standing on steep cliff looking down on a school bus accident. I was covering breaking news for a newspaper, but seeing those kids crawling out and crying...I put down my cameras, took a deep breath, and climbed down to that bus as fast as I could. My epiphany was this: No matter what you do (your job), what you think is important at the moment (your job or your safety), what others expect from you (deadlines), nothing and I mean nothing is as important as keeping children safe, healthy, cared for. Your kids, their kids, all kids. It is the duty of every adult to protect. That's all there is.

rm_Sierra7770 86M
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10/3/2005 8:54 pm

There's nothing like having "your cake" and eating it pun intended...maybe.
The connection of the intellect, plus the physical side of love and the "whipped cream" of sex is palpable and is out of this world....
To look into the eyes of your lover/intellectual stimulator is just non-imaginable and does exude itself in mutual orgasm, both of the physical and the soul....

Love your blog,

rm_TwiztedCharm 56M
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10/10/2005 6:12 am

I love the title of this post, I have always refered to it as a MIND FUCK, the intellectual stimulation of ones soul. I was floored by something I read on here earlier on the subject of souls and our quest to find our perfe3ct SOUL mate, so much I wrote my post about how this affected me. Talk about an Epiphany. From your blog it is easy to see you are very beautiful and intelligent. I can't live if not on my terms, probably why I'm alone.

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