100 Things to do Before I Die  

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100 Things to do Before I Die

This has become a popular topic lately since we all have so much leisure time. In the past people were just worried about living to 30 or putting food on the table.

I just found an interesting resource today for all those who like to plan for the future. The ultimate date, when you're going to die is predicted by the "death clock". My death date is Friday, July 27, 2068, seems like a long time from now but I have alot of living to do between now and then! Never too early to start planning, three things in life are guaranteed, change, taxes, and death. So we should enjoy it while we're here and plan for the day when our family will have to deal with our passing.

But I'll get on with this post because I'd like to expand and comment on mzhuny's post [post 109096]. She's got a great spirit and it's nice to read her posts, I hope I can learn from her experiences . I've started my own list similar to her post referenced, although she expanded a bit on her 10 items I hope someone enjoys reading what I have so far......

1. Visit all 54 National Parks in the US (7 so far)
2. Visit Paris in the Spring - with a lover
3. Explore the Louvre in Paris
4. Spend a week at a French cooking school
5. Live in the mountains - (done)
6. Live near the ocean - (done)
7. Visit Ireland and go on a Dublin pub crawl
8. Visit Poland to go shopping and buy some of the great hand painted pottery.
9. Go skydiving
10. Have sex on a train (done)
11. Get a college degree (done)
12. Get a Master’s Degree (done)
13. Get my PhD in Computer Mediated Communication
14. Vacation on an remote island with a lover
15. Go snorkling while on the remote island
16. Own a home in the mountains. (done)
17. Take belly dancing lessons
18. Learn to pole dance - put on a show for my lover
19. Cruise the Mediterranean on a private yacht
20. Attend a Sotheby’s auction. And bid!
21. Spend a weekend at the Plaza Hotel in New York (getting room service every morning)
22. Take up ceramics and pottery throwing again
23. Explore the Smithsonian Museum
24. Have a Swedish Massage (done)
25. Take a photograph I can proudly hang on the wall (done)
26. Visit all 50 states (current count 20)
27. Stay out all night partying and go to work the next day without having gone home. (done)
28. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
29. Visit Norway - meeting my relatives (done)
30. Exercise regularly (done)
31. Take a year off
32. Make a movie about my family history
33. Fall in love again
34. Watch the sunset over the pacific ocean (done)
35. Spend a romantic evening on the beach with a lover feeding each other grapes and drinking wine (done)
36. Inspire someone (done)
37. Volunteer for a good cause (done)
38. Volunteer again
39. Plan my funeral
40. Write my will
41. Clean out the garage
42. Put a mirror on my bedroom ceiling
43. Swim with a dolphin
44. Never grow up (done)
45. See the hollywood sign (done)
46. Take an overnight scenic train trip (done)
47. Write down your personal mission statement, follow it, and revise it from time to time (done)
48. Publish a book
49. Own a loft in a major metro area
50. Renovate an old building that isn’t a house like a church or something to live in
51. Finish my basement
52. Practice my Spanish and become fluent
53. Learn Norwegian
54. Eat more healthfully (whole foods)
55. Attend the Sundance Film Festival
56. Go to the Oregon coast
57. Go white water rafting
58. Raft through the Grand Canyon
59. Make love outside
60. Gamble in Las Vegas (done)
61. Be treated as a “whale” in Las Vegas
62. Date/Love a Navy SEAL (done - class 217 - wasn't planned but seemed like a good thing to add to my list so I could mark one more thing off)
63. Make love to a woman (done)
64. Learn to fly
65. Fly in a small plane (done)
66. Go to Europe (done)
67. Go to Amsterdam (done)
68. Go camping in Yosemite
69. Live, travel in an RV for a year
70. Live on a yacht for a year
71. Become an honarary member of the mile high club.

BTW: I've recently found a couple sites that help you keep track of these things, its called 43Things and 43Places.

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