Chat ROOM Drama  

rm_sexyclassyDi 59F
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5/2/2005 5:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Chat ROOM Drama

Hmmm, seems I have struck some nerves.... on my article on chat room drama..... why do people have to go in a chat forum and continuously try to control the room? Pretty sad that they have to tell others who to talk to and who to avoid... Let us see in the past week I have found out... I have been called PUSSYBRAIN....MENTAL..... & wait Full of something I have never heard.. all this is based on a rumor...interesting... AdultFriendFinder gave us this to meet and make friends and LOVERS more imp... so the way I deal with it is keep the troublemakers of the SOUTHERN ROOM ON IGNORE..... they know who they are .... How can you judge someone YOU HAVE NEVER MET.......Feels like I am back in have to wonder if this particular male was the bully in school...he appears to be a regular bully in the room....Hmm... interesting are people on here really that gullible and afraid of this guy?
Or do they see him for who he really is and just ignore the drama?

Plumpness1 48F

5/2/2005 6:57 pm

I am of the mindset that guys who come into chatrooms (or message boards) and 'flame' others are likely the most lame, nerdy, wouldn't-say-boo-to-a-mouse, ugly, dateless, jerks. You've got to keep in mind that the internet is a great venue for all those ugly Spazzes from high school who sat home every Saturday night alone hating the cheerleaders/pretty girls/jocks/regular kids to vent their many years of frustration without consequence or repercussion.

He comes to AdultFriendFinder thinking that maybe, just maybe, he can attract someone who's just horny and doesn't care what he looks like or how small he is or how inexperienced he is and screw him anyway. Then gets in the chatrooms and no woman answers his IM Pages, no one really follows his stream of conversation, and no one really notices him JUST LIKE HIGH SCHOOL! So he has a flashback but now, he's got enough swallowed bile from years of not dating/not getting any, that it just spews forth from his keyboard!

So the best way to continue to leave him sputtering and unsatisfied is to NEVER respond to him - it's the equivalent of the hairtoss and turn that women give men who have absolutely no chance!


rm_49erDee 67M

5/2/2005 6:58 pm

You did the right thing. Sooner or later everyone will have the jerk on ignore. Then we can go back to enjoying each other. If he comes back with a new name, everyone will recognize him right away because people like that are too ignorant to change.

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