A blast from the past....  

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1/6/2006 3:40 am

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3/13/2006 8:16 pm

A blast from the past....

here it goes..

just something i wrote sometime back under erotic stories[swinging]..just thought i'd share this with you...


having been an AdultFriendFinder member for the last 2 years, we[J &
C] had seen a fair share of action..thank you AdultFriendFinder!
Recently we were approached by this 21 year old woman whom
we shall call N who had never experienced a 3some before
and was curious to get into it...it had to be done quick as
she was leaving the country soon to further her studies.we
made plans and she pretty much arrived in time at the hotel
we had booked for this menage a trois.....
N walks in [never seen her pic] and had the nicest ass and
tits imaginable...we had a little chat and N was nervous
and all that and needed a drink to calm her nerves...after
a couple of beers...i leaned over and started kissing C and N started breating heavy...we both leaned over
and started kissing N and she started breathing even heavier
and proceeded to touch C's breasts and my cock....
C who had nothing underneath her mini skirt with a shaven
pussy spread her legs and N naturally ran her fingers over
pussy for the first time..
in a matter of mins we were all naked and involved in some
thing or the other..i was licking N's pussy while C was sitting over N's face and being licked...N
couldn't get enough of my C's pussy and licked
her for a good 20 mins! she then turned around to suck my black
tool while C started eating fresh 21 year old pussy...she
was a squirmer i tell you.. we turned her around and i mounted
my thick cock into her tight sweet pussy and she made a little
whimper of a sound and proceeded to back her cunt unto me..all
i had to do was just stand there with my cock in her...and
she was fuckin her cunt with my black cock like there was
no tomorrow while eating my C's sweet pussy...
this went on for an hour or so between me alternating my cock
between C and N...and she came at leat 6 times! i was
ready to blow my wad and N wanted it on tits and face..i obliged
and shot a bucketload of cum spot on... took a step back for
a ciggie and before you know it, C and N are 69'ing
each other for another 30 mins..N suddenly says, bring
that black cock here and she proceeds to suck my cock for
the longest time!
i then pull away and mount her missionary style and she moans
and groans as she is ready to come again...
i continue to pound away as C tells me to fuck her hard cause
N likes it like that..she comes again while i'm kissing
C who tastes sweet from N's pussy juices...i
pull away to take a breather from all that hard pounding
that was giving.. and proceed to down another beer...N
doesn't give up...she comes over and sits on my face
while C rides my cock....they both stop and suddenly
are sucking my cock together...and this had to be the most
visually exciting stuff i've seen all night..and
before you know it i'm cumming all over their faces
and they continue to exchange my cum with each other kissing
and licking each other's faces......phew!
WHat a scene...!
we all lay down together on the bed and held each other for
10 mins before C started sucking my cock again!
at this point, i didn't know what i got myself into!
stuck with 2 nymphos, heaven or hell?

anyway all said and done..it was an experience for us where
we broke in N to 3somes and we look forward to more adventures
with her when she comes back..with some more female friends...we

J& C feat.N

45andus 45F
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2/10/2006 10:21 pm

so jealous and love the pic

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