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1/29/2006 12:55 pm

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3/6/2006 9:10 pm


People amaze me.
Sometimes it is the stupidity and sometimes it is the perceptiveness.

Take this name change for example. New name, slightly different picture, but if you READ the two profiles, you should be able to figure out that the two are linked. Now some men recognized the attire and commented on the name change, etc. Some of those surprised me; I wouldn’t have expected them to notice. Others didn’t surprise me; I just smiled at the comments about the new (and apparently improved) picture

And then there is the other side of the coin. If sexueen sent you an email saying “I only am interested in single men” do you think that by changing my handle I also change my moral thinking and standards? Is there truly no recognition that you have looked at this profile before? Of course, do these people actually LOOK at a profile? Are they just window shopping and sending emails to every picture they find attractive?

Like ‘working’ on not letting other drivers annoy me, (and I’ve done a good job, only yelled once while driving, of course I think I’ve only driven 2 or 3 times lol) I guess I need to ‘get over’ my reaction to the perceived lack of respect that some people on this site show. I know it isn’t just men, I’ve read enough men’s blogs to know that there are women out there doing the same crap.

Does it really affect me? Nope, just annoys me, just makes me a little quicker to hit delete instead of reply.

F1reman6969 49M

1/30/2006 11:15 pm

i couldn't agree more.
too many games and too many players.
why do we do it to each other and to ourselves?
what's the gain?
why can't we just be honest with each other and ourselves and try to connect instead of always trying to disconnect?
i don't get it, and that's annoying.

f 1 r e m a n 6 9 6 9

rm_wenchang1966 46M
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1/31/2006 9:48 pm

Yes, I understand you, my lady, you are eager to be fucked by man.

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