Santa's truth  

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12/25/2005 10:24 pm

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Santa's truth

This is indeed a very shit story!

25th of December 2005, we celebrate Christmas. This time I sent a mail to Santa on his e-mail address [AdultFriendFinder] and I asked him to realize my wish of letting me have sex with any women on this earth. Hope he realize my wish or the next time I shall send him a virus in his Inbox.

Ok I know Santa is a good person but have you ever asked yourself the question, “Where Santa came from?”

Haha! So now I’m going to let you know the truth…a horrible truth about the one children love…

It all began with a gay…Sorry…a guy named Santa who worked in a toy factory [Not Sex Toys!]. Well, he was a normal person [with an average cock size] which bathed once a week and watched tons of porno movies. One day while Santa was masturbating on the balcony, he saw his neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Hardicks making love. Mrs. Hardicks was screaming so loud with pleasure that Santa, covering himself with a red blanket, decided to go and have a close look. He tried to watch through the window but he could only see shadows. So he decided to climb down through the chimney. Yeah! He surely burnt his ass while climbing down…As he arrived, the couple had already gone upstairs. He walked quietly in the house and as he climbed a few steps, he slipped and fell down. He was not hurt that much but he could feel something sticky on his face. Oh shit! It was sperm. Looks like Mr.Hardick had already discharged! He tried to remove the sticky white sperm from his face but as he rubbed it, it made him looked as if he had a long beard. He climbed the stairs and peeped through the door. No chance. Nothing visible. So Santa got an idea...He went in Mr.Hardick’s daughter room and peeped through the small door which separated the two rooms. Yeah. Now that was a real movie. Suddenly the little girl woke up and noticed Santa. As he was covered with a red blanket and had cum on his face, she thought that it was a kind of monster or even a thief. By instinct, the little innocent girl, removed her Grenade Launcher under her pillow and pointed it at Santa. Santa got scared and in panic he told her that she had a gift for her. The little girl brought a smile on her face and asked Santa to give her the gift. Ooops…But Santa had no gift! So the little girl busted Santa open and since then to commemorate the death of Santa, a man disguising himself with white beard and red clothes distribute gifts to children.

Oh shit man! What kind of shits I write sometimes…Ok I accept…every time!

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