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Sex And Senior Citizens
 Expressing intimacy in a sexual way is something that’s usually guaranteed to make us feel good mentally and emotionally.
 There’s growing evidence to suggest that sex actually has benefits for our physical, as well as our psychological well being.
 Sex also pumps Oxygen around the body, boosting the circulation and the flow of nutrients to the skin. And, of course, being in a sexual relationship can in itself be a good incentive to look after your appearance and stay in shape.
 A growing numbers of people in their fifties see themselves as “young”. This means they are more inclined to engage in a diversity of active, creative leisure pursuits and to have self-focused, hedonistic attitudes as they intimate the lifestyle of the young.
 Sexercise helps
Scientists have found that sex reduces the risk of death by heart attack by 50%, and also, frequent ejaculations protect people against Prostate Cancer. “On a basic level, sex is exercise, which is good for everybody.” It’s good for blood pressure, muscle tone and the cardiovascular system. It also produces hormones, which are good for restoring tissue. Sex can also boost general health by stimulating the immune system, perhaps because sexually active people are potentially exposed to more infections.
 Having Sex, looking good
People who have sex at least three times a week can look up to 10 years younger than those who make love less frequently.
 In the mood
Sex triggers the release of chemicals and hormones in the body that can relieve stress and pain, as well as making for better relationships.
Sex is a brilliant stress reliever and releases pain-killing endorphins. It also helps both chemically and psychologically to keep a couple relationship alive. This is because sex produces oxytocin, a chemical linked with pair bonding that helps to produce strong feelings of affection between couples.
 Sex forever
Your sexual life can markedly improve with the years. People in their fifties see themselves as ‘young’. It means that you can remain sexually active at 70.
Sex life depends upon mental and emotional compatibility of the partners. Moreover, its not necessary that only penetrative sex gives satisfaction, it’s the mental state of the partners which determines the degree of satisfaction. Persons who have sound mind and the body, sexual urge remains alive post-60.There is more pleasure in sex life.
Sex helps in overall well-being of the partners, as it is nature’s way of coping with stress and strengthening a beautiful bond among them.
Sex allows us to be tranquil and balanced.
With age, sexual performance may diminishes but intimacy increases because sexual wisdom and sexual knowledge are likely to improve considerably with age and people are likely to be less inhibited. For intimacy one must be in harmony with the person. If this gets disturbed or is absent, intimacy also is impossible. Caring however develops and that transcends age.
Quality of relationship, wherein foreplay and oral sex substitute frequent physical sex.
There is no loss in reduced frequency of sex as age advances. Intimacy is heightened; you become the best of friends, compatibility and tolerance increases, and you live for each other.

SEX AT and After 60

SEX is source of energy.
Normally during young age we are very busy in our professional life as well for making career we are so much exhausted by night Sex just be a routine. One does not get involved fully to reach extreme pleasure. So after 60 you are at ease enough time to think ‒ dream of sex. Each time after sex you get big boost of energy and enjoy one’s life.

Like minded singles or even couple can come together to fulfill their need of SEX urge. This is without any commitment to either party.

Members agree with my views please join the group. We can have group discussion on how we increase our source of energy & make our dreams true.

Sexual Position
Anything that is mutually acceptable by partners is good. Anything forced by one on the other is not good.
It is the love and understanding between the two partners that moulds attitude towards sex.

If sex is merely an exercise for physical gratification, then loses its importance for the person who is basically heart oriented. Sex Partners relationship should have strong foundation of” love, understanding and caring” about each other for that particular occasion.

Once this is achieved, sex will follow naturally as an expression of your love for each other. Irrespective of One’s educational status the language of genuine love can be understood by everyone.

Different positions “happen” on their own, depending on the state of mind of partners during love-making.

1.Absolutely resting 1.1” 1.1” L-1.1”
2.NORMAL DURING DAY 1.75" 1.6” L-2.5”
3.READY FOR ACTION 5.5" 5.4” L-5.5”

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