Here again.  

rm_sethethero 36
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12/4/2005 11:11 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Here again.

The journey was arduous, and food sucked, but I've now made my great trek across Connecticut from Shelton to Stamford, my new home.
Somehow I knew it was all worth it when I realized there is a 24 hour diner one block away from me. It somehow calmed my soul to know that others will be up just as late as I am nearby.
Cluttered and in chaotic confusion is how I would describe both my mind and my possesions at the moment. I can't even find my hello kitty hat. Oh well then.
Oh joy, it's time to hit the ceiling with a broom until my upstairs neighbors turn down their damn televison.

Anthonyblue 63M

12/5/2005 1:06 am

If I were you matey. I would get too know them neighbours from upstairs first, before you go poking the ceiling with a broom. You dont know what sort of nutters they may be. An hello kitty hat wont do you any good if your neighbours pay you a visit with a baseball bat. I would be looking for a crash helmet if I were you.

rm_sethethero 36

12/13/2005 1:51 am

Oh and rightly so! All was well, after lots of sleepy confusion they realized who I was (I'm guessing). I think they fell asleep watching tv. What is strange is the loud music they play at around 8 in the morning, it doesn't bother me, but it feels like there's a dance club IN MY HEAD.

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