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7/15/2005 5:11 am

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role play fun

I have a dear friend I've never met with whom I have been role playing for about 3 years. We've worked our way thru most of her fantasies so far.

Lets see, first I was her oldest son though it wasnt really her son but a friend of her sons. She has what I think is a fairly unique trait in that her nipples and breasts are so sensitive that they can be used to totally weaken and control her. Apparently she found this out as a young woman in a scuffle with her sister. A punch to her boob and she knew she was toast lol. Course I can't vouch for the accuracy of all this personally as she lives like 1000 miles away.

Anyway the latest is I am her former best girlfriend with whom she had a falling out. I get her to work her nuipples and in time I can get her to say(write) amazingly humiliating things about wanting to suck off her huisbands best friend and let him cum all over her face Things like that.

These online sessions usually end with her climaxing at her computer. We have a code if one of us types a series of g's (gggggggggggggg) then thats an orgasm. Much easier and less distracting than trying to actually type and cum at the same time.

She's a lovely lady with a great body and very sexy tits and I confess to really enjoying the abuse of them . Thats a picture of her by the way.

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