Good times cometh.................  

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6/2/2006 3:06 am

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Good times cometh.................

I bought a new razor the other day, as I couldn't find the blades for my old one. (Q. Why do they have to change up the product line every year? A. $$$$$$) I bought a Venus Vibrance. The package says that the light vibrations will aid in a closer shave and will exfoliate the skin. Who couldn't use that?

I open the package, insert the enclosed AAA battery... and AHHHHHHH!!! Holy shit! Its powerful enough that it sounds like my bullet toy! Just hearing the sound of a vibrator and I go crazy. Heat begins to flow in my veins and my mind is overtaken by thoughts of pleasing sensations.

Now... Here's the question... How the hell am I ever going to get my legs shaved without having to make a sidetrip to the bedroom for some needed release? Worse yet (or better - depending on the time allowed) What about shaving down there?!?!?!

My man thinks this is a real hoot! He's playing with it and laughing at my dilemma.

Yes, it does have an on/off switch, but there go the benefits. I guess I will have to retrain my body responses...or not!

Whose idea was it to put something with 3 cutting blades on an item that is associated with sexual gratification? Is this in a "sex in the city" episode that I missed?

I guess I'll have to try it out and see what happens

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