"Rules for Catching a Life"...  

rm_secretfire45 55F
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7/22/2006 9:09 pm
"Rules for Catching a Life"...

In today's day and age, oh, how we want Grandma! How we crave reassurance and permiission and advice! How we long for a wise, maternal female to help us navigate an increasingly complicated world---a world where all the old bets are off, the new ones are risky, and the payoffs are less certain. Some women long for Grandma so badly, we buy books called Chicken Soup for the Soul, co-authored by two guys. "My Grandma said, Let him take a lead. My Grandma said things like, "Have another piece of cake and wash it down with a gin and tonic, take a lovers, travel the world, and don't take any crap." LOL....
The second thing women want is to laugh.
We gals know instinctively that humor is the most effective weapon--and power tool--we can have in our arsenal. After all, it fulfills a double purpose; It's forceful without being threatening, and it allows us to be subversive with a smile. What better way to bridge our conflicting desires? What better way to reconcile a contradictory world?....Without humor in this day and age is sort of criminally negligent. Because, really, it's the only same choice. If we don't use humor and irreverence, what are the alternatives? Anger, fear, and victimhood--and who knows we've had enough of that...."As My Grandma used to say, "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke!"....LMAO....GG

jimn612 52M
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7/26/2006 7:13 pm

I think all of us could learn to laugh again. Humor does seem to be lacking in our everyday world. And I agree with your grandma. Joke em if they can't take a fuck lol

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