"My Lover's Secret for Amazing Sex"  

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8/8/2006 4:38 pm

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"My Lover's Secret for Amazing Sex"

Years ago, i meet this guy online, after a few months knowing each other, we decided to meet in person. In short we clicked and dated for a few months again, until we took further to the level of intimacy...First, let me just say he is a great guy, but after a few months, it seems he was having confidence issues in AND out of bed. It was having a real negative effect on his sexual prowess and lets face it, with any new relationship, it usually doesn't last very long, without a real strong sexual connection. My dilemma was i really falling this guy.
Thankfully, i didn't have to make a difficult decision because everything changed. One day he called me that he's going to visit me, as usual he spent two nites in the Hotel, the same place..So, after i worked i went to the room, he basically lifted me, tore my clothes off before i even made it through the door. Right there behind the door he practically pounced on me. Confident, aggressive, he made all the right moves. I definetely felt sensations I'd never felt before....LOL.. in places I forgot existed. We made love for what seemed like an eternity. I never knew what some of my friends meant when they said the earth moved from having sex----I do now...(that was four years ago)
When i asked him what was going on?--what brought about the change--he wouldn't answer me. So, I did what any hot--blooded asian woman would do, I started snooping. It didn't take me long to figure out his secret. In his underware draw under the "mens" magazines was (hmmm)After reading it and finding the secret of my lover..LOL
We continue our affairs, until he decided to tie the nuts, and i declined his offered. I wasn't ready yet and there's a reason, which i couldn't say here..LOL..We decided to seperate ourlives, and we respected our decisiond.. He's happy now with his new g/f, once in awhile he called me to say "hello"..I tried to forget him, he is a good, generous and considerate lover, but we're not meant to be. Never regret it, and always looking for another adventure of my life... LOL...GG

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8/8/2006 5:39 pm

what could he have tucked under his mens magazines ?

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