"Don't say "NO" Say "commitment"  

rm_secretfire45 56F
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7/22/2006 8:39 pm
"Don't say "NO" Say "commitment"

"G" Only knows why, but after seven thousand years of "known" civilization, guys still seem to have trouble understanding the word "NO"..The word doesn't seem to have been downloaded into their thesauruses correctly; Say the word "no" to a guy, and half the time he thinks we're saying "maybe." Or; "try harder." Or, "not at this very moment; but check again in five minutes."
Luckily, there is one word that's like Guy Krypto; One word that makes even the pushiest, most persistent player cool down faster than a can of microwaved Beef-a-Roni.
The word is "commintment."
If some bozo keeps hitting on us--even after we've told thim we're not interested---or no responsed maybe we should say, "Okay; You wanna hook up with me? How about going shopping for china patterns next weekend and meeting my folks? We should tell him that nothing turns us on more than a monogamous relationship in which we talk about our feelings with guy--and he talks to us about his. We should mention the words "expectation" and "emotional needs" a lot. Or tell him how we like to page or calls our man six or seven times each day just to ask, "Honey, what are you thinking?"
For extra protection, maybe we should carry a copy of Modern Bride magazine with us at all times. Consider it the anti-condom. If things with a date start getting out of hand, we can grab the magazine and wave it in front of him shouting, "Marriage! Commitment! Intimacy!"
The guy should be up and running so quickly, the door won't have time to hit him on the ass...GG

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