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"The Chest Master"...This pec massage is sure to please. With fingers splayed on both hands, trace wide circles around each pec muscle simultaneously, slowly spiraling in. "I'm building up the excitement as i'm making my way to his sensitive nipple area,"..Then stimulate the nipples by running the heel of my palms over them with a barely there touch...
"The Shoulder Holder"...To give him goose bumps and protect his skin from the sun, coat my hands with sunscreen before starting. Grasp his right shoulder with one hand, and make my other hand into a soft fist, gently working it into the groove running from the edge of his shoulder to the crook of his neck. Repeat left side, softens the tight muscles around his shoulders will help him relax...
"The Thigh Pleaser"...Kneel between his legs, and walk my fingers from his knee, up the inner thigh, toward his package. Before i reach the promised land, stop and lightly drag my fingertips back down the inside. "The thin skin makes it sensitive to the touch, fact that i'm so close to his privates in public gives him a rush...LOL Just imagine the rest..Talk about fun in the sun, this massages are tame, enough to try, yet still so naughty. Any man be aching to get (me)the woman indoors....GG

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Oh.......my...god..........and to return the same favor darling!!KISSES!

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