" Booty, Ourselves "  

rm_secretfire45 56F
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7/18/2006 2:39 pm

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8/2/2007 7:36 pm

" Booty, Ourselves "

"He said he liked it to do it backward.
"I said that's just fine with me----
that way we can fuck and watch TV....
Okay, is there anything that hasn't been said publicly about sex yet? Well, actually, yes. Never mind that people regularly say 'pussy' anywhere now, or that it's now possible to use the words 'blow job' and House subcommittee in the same sentence. For all the titillation in the media today, our nation's understanding about women's sexuality is still about as flimsy as a thong from Victoria's Secret...
I mean, for starter; What is it with sex in the movies? First, there's not nearly enough of it. Second, how is it that screenwriters can master the intricacies of----hacking or thermonuclear warfare, yet have no clue about foreplay? I can't tell how many scenes i've watched in which a guy (usually years older than his leading lady) hikes up a woman's skirt and brings her to orgasm in the same amount of time it takes to thaw an eggo waffle in the microwave. Or in which a couple reaches mutual orgasm in perfect synch. Or in which the woman comes gasping demurely instead of clawing her lover's back and screaming like an auctioneer. HEL..LO, but do people really think this is realistic, let alone technically possible? According to-------only one third of us gals ever come from straight intercourse, and we certainly don't just cruise around like a well-lubed convertible all the time. We need our motors warmed up, our spark plugs sparked, and someone's head under our hood for a good long while, please, before they take us out for a ride........GG

milfpleazer69 42M

7/18/2006 3:47 pm

Fast food fiction, that's what is put in front of our eyes these days.

BulgeMucroTubal 52M

7/20/2006 11:58 pm

Sweetie, I have read your thoughts on here and truly your insight is great. Join me for some great exploration of two people seeking to join hearts and bodies into one. Slowly and joyously building excitement for one another. You have my email address, use it and soon you will have me.

rm_Backagain61 55M
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7/21/2006 7:57 am

The bright side to your comments is that even though sex is portrayed that way in the movies,,,not ALL of us actually buy it! Personally, if you don't have to "work" at it as a male, it probably won't be all that great for either person!

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