Well here it is another day............  

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9/7/2005 7:35 am

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Well here it is another day............

well it is another glorious day, and I just found out that I am going to work on Saturday, I had planned on going to see some friends out of state this weekend, and hopefully play around with them, it is two couples that I meet up with and it just becomes one huge party. partners dont matter, everyone takes turns. I guess that is where I met this one girl who turned me into the sexual, cant get enough, love being naked, and enjoying light BDSM. She would routinely go out to the nude beaches, and well one day it was my birthday and she insisted on giving me my birthday spanks, but insisted on doing it on my bare ass. well I had a few in me and said what the hell. dropped my pants and she bent me over her knees, and started to beat my ass. it hurt but I enjoyed it. That summer she invited me to go with her to the beach, but didnt tell me which beach it was... she was in a nice bikini, and I didnt think much about it... we get to the beach and she takes it off, and turned to me and said "well?" I said "Well what? I like what I see, wanna fuck?" she said "No, take yours off, this is a nude beach." I must have turned red because she said "Dont worry if you have a hard on, it is mostly taken as a compliment. We women know that you dont have TOO much control over that so, just keep eye contact when you are talking with someone, and it is ok." well I did drop my suit, and I walked around with one hell of a hard on... till she took me out into the water, and jerked me off, that only worked for a little while, as in about 5 minutes, I was standing up at attention again, ready for more.

That was my first clothing optional expierence, and have since had many more. I really enjoy it, and miss it, as I dont know what there is available in the Reading PA area, other than going out to where I go skinny dipping in one of the local creeks. but that doesnt allow for the social atmosphere, or the seeing of others.

Some of my friends who know about this side of me often wonder how I can look at some of the overweight, or older people and find that attractive. I simply tell them that all people are beautyful, no matter what type of body they are in. sure some bodies are more attractive than others, but that is just a fact of life. I am sure that I am not the most attractive person to everyone I have met.

and it is not appropriate, ethical, whatever to constantly chase the 18-25 girls. sure they may have a tight body, and so on, but to they know how to fuck? do they know how to be discreet? it is not until you meet an older woman that you encounter those things. And just because a woman is 5'5" tall, and 110# and has a really tight and perky body doesnt mean that she knows how to perform sexually. In fact it has been my expierence that women like that although asthetically pleasing, dont know how to really fuck, I have gotten the ok here I am, laying down, eat me then fuck me. they dont know how to move thier ass, thier hips, or even how thier body responds to different stimuli.

This is not to say that all women that fit into that catagory are that way, it is just that the ones that I have been lucky enough to be with are that way. Besides, I perfeer a woman who is a bit more athletic, and those with "a bit of meat on thier bones".

Doesnt mean that I would be opposed to going to bed with a 5'5" tall 110# woman who could fuck like no tomorrow, or even one who wants to try to learn. and that is something that I have done too. I was lucky enough to teach this one girl how to move. and she thanked me for it, as she at the time was bi-currious, and never had the opportunity to be with another woman, but shortly after we were together she did get with a woman and she later thanked me for teaching her how to move her body. I also introduced her to BDSM, and she, the last that I knew was on her way to being a good sub, but turned around and is now wishing to be a dom.

That brings me to another thing. where do people learn how to fuck? I learned from this one woman, god she must have been about 6'8" tall,and a larger woman, great looking, and whenever we would get togeter we would fuck like rabbits. didnt matter where we were, the mall, her car outside her parents house, the ball field, the river, wherever. but she taught me to go slow, how to eat a pussy, how to play with tits, even how to do anal. Up to that point I had a hard on, the woman that I was with, would spread her legs, and I would go at it till I would cum (ah to be young and foolish again). But she taught me some control, she taught me to take my time, and enjoy eating a pussy, she taught me a whole lot of things. and I guess that the question is, where did she learn? where do people learn how to fuck? Or is it just as I was, go at it till you cum. if you learn from porno, all you see is guys pounding away hard and fast, and then they shoot this load 20' across the room and all over the woman. Not that hard and fast isnt fun, but it isnt right all the time.

so if anyone out there is reading this if you would please answer this question... where did you learn to fuck?

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