Sharing some of my secrets.  

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8/31/2005 8:09 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sharing some of my secrets.

the one comment that I received was that I should share some of my secrets..

well secrets... I dont really have any secrets, but I do have many things that most people dont know about me.

I do enjoy being naked
I very much enjoy sex
I very much enjoy sharing oral sex
I have had more partners than I can count on two hands
I do enjoy bondage
I do enjoy anal play
I do enjoy some mild torture
I have taught two people about the joys of being a sub
I have been taught the joys of being a sub
I have been the dom only twice
I like to shave my pubic hair
I often jerk off more than 3 times a day
I enjoy skinny dipping in the local creek
I enjoy being naked outside
I have been caught naked outside only once
I have taken nude photos of others
others have taken nude photos of me
I have been to a clothing optional beach
I have made love on a golf course, on the beach, in the woods, in a car, in my girlfriends house, in my house, on a baseball field, on a football field, in my backyard, in a pool, in a hottub, in the ocean, in a lake.
My fantasy... would be to have sex with several people, male and female, I would love to be in a MFM, and a FMF, and even more maybe...
I enjoy all sorts of body types from very slim to BBW's. from large chested to very small chested
I wish that I was a bit more athletic than I am, and to that end I am going to the gym more frequently.
I have had sex with someone who I did not know
I have had a Deep meaningful one night stand
I have had sex on the first date
I have had sex when I was drunk
I have had sex when she was drunk
I have both given and received oral
I have both given and received anal
the most times that I have cum in one night is 8 (I was younger then)
the most times that I am told that I have made a woman orgasim in one night is 17 times.
I have been lucky enough to orgasim together.
I have blacked out from an orgasim.
I have had sexual partners all over the world, from Bosnia, Norway, Austrailia, India, America, Canada, Mexico, Canary Islands, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Morroco, Ireland, England, Germany.
I guess that is all that I have time for as I have to run now and do some shopping.

hope some enjoy reading this and please post some comments and let me know what else you might like to hear.

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