Laboring on Labor day...  

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9/5/2005 11:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Laboring on Labor day...

well here I find myself at home cleaning house... no parties to go to, so I find myself running around the house naked, and cleaning... and poped on here to see what I could see. I guess that I should put something that is profound or something, but that is not the type of mood that I am in. I guess that being new to the area, not knowing too many people in the area, and having to work yesterday so that I could not go and visit some frineds out of state put me in this mood. well at lease I will have a clean house and well I am naked, so how bad can life be? granted it could be better, but it can also be much worse.

yesterday afternoon after I got home from work, went for a bike ride, ended up putting well over 275 miles on my bike and had to fill up 3 times... each time the gas got more expensive, well there was plenty of folk to look at, but myself being a bit shy when I am alone, didnt make any comments, or anything, so I just admired and maybe stared a bit too. but hey...

well I am going to go look at some porn, and rub one or two out before I continue with the house work... if anyone is reading this and is interested in hearing about me... ask some questions... I find it much easier to answer questions than to be witty on my own and lay it out on this blank page.

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