All drunked up and nobody to play with  

rm_scubagrain 48M
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9/8/2005 7:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

All drunked up and nobody to play with

well here I am all drunked up and nobody to play with. I made myself dinner tonight and with dinner I needed a little bit of wine to cook with, so I opened a bottle and well I coulnt let the rest go to waste. I had to drink it.... well anyway, here I am all drunked up, and nobody to play with. i wish that i could have shared that bottle with someone but nobody returned my calls. and well now i am drunk as shit, and horny as hell, and well, i guess that i will just have to rub one or two out by my self.

so dont you hate it when you are drunk and horny and nobody wants to play.

if it was early enough i would go to the gym and hang out in the sauna, at least i would be naked in semi public.

but alas the gym is closed, and i am probably too drunk to drive, so i will stay at home type on my blog that nobody reads, and pitty my self... maybe i should drink some more....

kinda sad for a semi decent looking 36 year old guy to be home alone drunk, and typing on a blog and looking at porn so that I can jerk off.

what has the world come to?

oh well, gonna get some more wine, call in sick to work tomorrow, and call it a long weekend...


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